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There are 3 main causes of death in the world.

All 3 are theoretically possible to eliminate.


From the author:

If I read this book myself, I would have thought that it is nothing but a pseudoscience. Even though it is logically correct, it is just words without any evidence behind them. If not only for the fact that … it works.




New Energy (intro) 6

The Circle Theory. 8

Proof 9

Problems it is trying to solve. 10

Practical magic. 11

Experiments. 13

Why do I care?. 14

Super simplified version. 15

Physics. 16

Math. 19

Scientific background. 20

Equations. 21

How to measure it?. 22

Potential vs. Kinetic Energy. 23

Energy of objects. 24

Information = Energy. 25

The Second Theory: Breaking Point 27

Owner of Energy. 28

What can I do?. 29

How does this energy travel?. 30

Where does it go over time?. 31

What to do with Negative Energy?. 32

Environment 33

Body as an Environment 34

Multiple forms of energy at the same time. 35

Example with explanation. 36

Creating Energy. 37

Living Energy. 38

Energy is everywhere. 39

Means for Transfer of Energy. 40

Memory. 41

Dependency. 42

Parents. 43

Children. 44

Defense and Offense. 45

History of Positive/Negative Energy. 47

Non-human bodies. 49

Energy and Medicine. 51

Perception. 52

Where does it start?. 55

What is it not?. 56

Who has the most power?. 57

Who has the least power?. 58

Who is the source of my problems?. 59

Plan of Attack. 60

We don’t know! 68

Inspiration. 69

Conclusion (What is the most important thing I can do?) 70



New Energy (intro)

        There is a new type of Energy.

        There is an untapped resource of power. Correct utilization of this energy can alter every day living even more then discovery of Atomic Energy.

        So why would you care about it?

Did you notice that when someone yells at you, there is a good chance that you will yell at someone else right after that happen? Or you get yelled at just because someone else made that person angry? Or even worse, someone unfairly degrades you and there is no one around to spill that on, so you feel like there is that negative energy building up inside? What if there is a limit to this negative energy after which you go over the threshold and become dangerous to society?

Probably everything but a last question relates to you :). But what if that threshold can be detected and danger to society prevented?

Moreover, that negative energy is building up in a lot of people and can be summed up. Take, as an example, all people of California. If tomorrow local government will charge $20 per freeway entrance (by the way it is an actual government idea), as a whole, people will revolt because amount of collective negative energy received (think about your own reaction) will go over the threshold. What if a person making that decision can prevent society from going over threshold? Yes, a dummy (except lawmakers) can figure out that in an example above, however there might be cases where a choice might not be so obvious, but amount of negative energy released by this event can have major impact.

Notice that we are talking about hypothetical “negative energy”, where this term is used in philosophical conversations and most of the time in demagogical conversations. “Negative energy” is used by people singing around bone fire in circle holding hands and doing whole bunch of other weird stuff ;)  However, what if you look at it from a scientific point of you? What if there is an actual calculatable negative energy? What if there is also positive energy? What if its existence can be scientifically proven?


What I propose is that this Negative and Positive Energy does exist and it is just another form of energy (which you learned in 5th grade physics). It is similar to mechanical, electrical, chemical and other forms of energy and obeys same rules of physics.


Understanding and learning how to control this Energy are key topics in this book. Possibility of doing so opens up “fairy tale” possibilities. Speaking in a fairy tale language: “this is a tool to make good win.”  

Note: This book should be read one chapter at a time and not all at once. The reason for it is that it is written in such a way that it requires reader to reflect on what h e just  read and try to recall a personal experience about a particular topic and see how that applies directly to you.




The Circle Theory

Definition: “Positive/Negative Energy is a form of physical energy which in active form is transferred between bodies by means of observable information; and in passive form is an ability of a body to initiate an action.”

Circle Theory: “Positive/ Negative Energy has high probability of coming back to original source.”

The reason it’s called The Circle Theory is that Positive and Negative Energy is circulating. Moreover you are responsible for what and how it is circulating. If this energy would not be possible to control, there would be a little value in this theory. Since this energy is circulating by means of traveling from person to person, each person is responsible for what is circulating. That is, you as individual, can increase or decrease amount of Positive or Negative Energy circulating around you. (learn how bellow)

Non-scientific reasoning for the probability of energy that you release circling back to you being very high is as follows: You release X energy (call it X for a lack of better term). By definition, people closest to you are people who you interact with the most. So there is a high probability of X being released on them. Those people, in turn, interact with you (by same definition), so their probability of releasing it back on you is also high. They also interact with other people. Those other people, by second degree, have a high probability of knowing you also. So they can also release that energy on you. So, chance that energy you release will Circle back to you at some point is higher then it ending up at someone else.

Of course people in your circle are not exclusively interacting with you or only inside the circle. So a good amount of energy X will leak outside. However the largest amount will circle inside and be rereleased time to time. You can see it with your own eyes in your circle of friends probably.

Thus, you are the source of what you get. By increasing release of Positive Energy, you highly increase probability of increasing Positive Energy you receive.





Proof by origin: When someone performs an action, for example punches you, they release a mechanical energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; only converted from another form of energy. Energy to a force of a punch came from calories which were stored from food. But what originated a transfer of calories into mechanical energy of the punch? How did calories start moving? Some Energy must have moved them. In this case -Negative Energy. In more general terms: actions have origins. Force of the action comes from other forms of Energy, but origin/intent of the action is Positive/Negative Energy.

Think of it this way: you have Energy from Calories = Energy of Mechanical Punch? If that would be true, then it conflicts with “body at rest will remain at rest forever unless a new force will be acted upon it.” So it becomes: Energy from Calories + “something which originated action” = Energy of Mechanical Punch. So there is a missing component. It is a same argument as when structure of an atom was discovered and simple math additions yielded that masses of individual parts to not add up to a whole, so there is a missing component. Today this missing component is known as neutron. By same argument: missing energy component is now known as Positive/Negative Energy (simply by definition of Positive/Negative Energy). Definitions cannot be wrong ;)

Proof by definition: Quote from Wikipedia: “In physics, energy is a quantity that is often understood as the ability a physical system has to produce changes on another physical system.” ( and Wikipedia) Negative and Positive Energy then, by its own definition, is an ability of a bodies to give Energy to another body which changes their positive or a negative state.

Empirical Proof: It works. Try it yourself




Problems it is trying to solve

            Eliminate over millions of deaths. Extend life duration. Predict historic events. Reduce/Eliminate crime. Significantly improve overall health. Raise Standard of Living. Reduce/Eliminate depression. Crowd control. Improve function of government and general decision making.




Practical magic

            Something which is only theoretical and cannot be used in practice is a demagogy. So how can the Circle Theory be used?

            Raising Global Level: if Global Level of Positive Energy is raised even by 1%, it should have an effect even larger then raising Global Warming’s raising Global Temperature level by 1%. First of all, if our sub theory about Breaking Point holds, then we save about 1% of lives from intentional hard crimes. On a global level that is millions of lives per year. It is not a small achievement by any means.

Also increasing Global Level of Positive Energy decreases (but unfortunately does not completely eliminate) chances of wars, revolutions, and other military conflicts. It is taught in schools that keys to both wars and revolutions are dissatisfaction (= negative state) of population.

Another way in which raising Global Level by 1% saves lives is human health. It is scientifically proven that negativity is bad for health of any human being or animal. And we are not even counting suicides and people who become psychically unhealthy.  Raising Positive Energy level will prevent those who are not over the edge yet, but in a risk zone. And number of those people is staggering. It is also scientifically proven that positivity extends human life. All of those factors put together are significant improvement to health and simply being alive.

So, if we add up lives saved from preventing hard crimes, decreasing chances of wars and revolutions, preventing suicides, and increasing life span, (even if only one of those is true) we have a clear benefit from increasing Positive Energy just by 1%.

Marketologs and psychiatrists for some time now scientifically study a similar issue. They need to know a state of masses, not just individuals, and how that state changes. In some sense they are describing Positive/Negative energy but in completely different terms. Also, the whole politics is somewhat based on ability to control Positive/Negative Energy in masses.

On a more miniature scale a goal of a performer for large audiences is to maximize Positive Energy. And in some weird rock/poetry cases to maximize Negative ;) Anyone who performs for large audiences must take Positive/Negative Energy flow into account, if they care about audience’s reaction at all. 

On a large scale: at some point of everyone’s life everyone thinks that rules by which society lives are not exactly fair and right. As a matter of fact, you need to do a lot of bad things just to survive in almost any modernized society. And the most important point is that the way people behave is very far from ideal. However philosophical/demagogical this point is, a practical cause is that a lot of negative things you hear on news is happening exactly because of this.

For example: genocide, discrimination, conflicts between countries, stock market going down, and so on.

As you saw from flow of Positive/Negative energy, there is a simple theorem can be stated:  “If Global level is Negative, something negative will result from it.”

Proof: Global level Negative means that more people feel Negative then Positive. Which means they release more Negative. It is impossible that 100% of Negative Energy is transferred between bodies and never converted into other forms of Energy. Conversion of Negative Energy into mechanical energy is actually “something negative”. Thus by definition of “something negative” it is caused by definition of Global Negative level.  


Argument/Negotiation Management: probably most practical application, even though with negligible benefit, is winning arguments. You can start using it even today with little or no practice.

Try after a fight with your loved one to ask if she can do you a favor and wash your shirt. You understand that percent of the chance of you getting a positive answer is very small. However if you just gave her flowers before that, percent of getting your wish is larger. I am sure it sounds very obvious; however you’d be surprised how many people loose arguments and their wishes this way. Including you by the way. I am sure you can remember when you did something like that? What it means though is in a first case you just deposited Negative Energy and probability of a return then is higher for Negative Energy. And in a second case you deposited Positive and thus immediate return percentage is in your favor.

It is also very useful in business negotiations. Most often what negotiations are is moving a slider one dot over to the left or to the right. Most often that directly corresponds to Positive and Negative Energy since moving that slider is information interaction directed at another body. Hence inputting Positive increases chances of getting out Positive increases chances of moving slider in a way you want.


All of this has been done for centuries, because people have natural instinct and common sense. There is nothing new invented here. However to make it a skill and have a good control over it on scientific basis, can take make one win significantly more arguments.

The Circle Theory explanation here is: what you put in is what you get out. If you want to win an argument or make someone do something for you, you need to put in Positive Energy to increase chance to a very high number of getting Positive Energy out. “Put it in and get it out”.





            “3 in a room” (behavioral): Statement: by creating a simulation of closed isolated system we can see how Positive and Negative energy actually travels from body to body; since by law of Conservation of Energy it cannot be created nor destroyed. Experiment: Put 3, preferably emotional, people in a closed room for a long time. Just before closing the door give to one of the participants strong positive or negative energy (give them some really good or bad news) and watch this energy travel from person to person. Since it is only slightly more then 50% chance of energy leaving that person, repeat with other participants until you can see energy starts moving. Also you can watch energy initiated by participants themselves travel between them. Scientists agree that best measure of a positive or negative state of a person are facial and body expressions. That is why this is what needs to be observed and recorded. Expected result: What you should see is a Bell Curve graph: spike in negative (or positive) energy initially and then calming down over time (entropy). You should also see Transitive quality: A gives energy to B, B gives it either back to A or to C, and so on.

            “Power of Control” (behavioral): Statement: by manipulating positive and negative energy you can alter state of another person. Experiment: Take a number of individuals and a neutral yes or no question. Give half of participants “accidentally” good news and then ask a neutral yes or no question, and give other half “accidentally” bad news and then ask same question. Expected result: There will be a higher percentage of “yes” in a half which received good news before the question, then in a half which received bad news before question. It exhibits an audiotory (hearing sense) negative/positive energy transfer. You can repeat same with visual (showing), physical (by punching someone) or other sense stimuli. Practical: technique can be used in negotiations.

            “Storage for good and bad” (physiological): Statement: Positive or Negative Energy, received by a living body, is stored in a cell. Background: All human information is stored in cells. When A gives Positive/Negative energy to B the following is happening: A has Positive/Negative Energy X. A converts X of Positive/Negative energy into sound wave, or light wave, or mechanical touch or other senses (which all are just a measurable energy). B receives this energy and converts it back into Positive/Negative Energy. That energy is stored in B in the amount of X. Experiment: Take a look at number of similar cells, which believed to be responsible for information storage in humans, before experiment start. Send positive energy to half of them and negative energy to the other half. Measure already known energy in a process (measure sound wave, light wave, etc) Result: You should expect to see measurable difference between cells in first group and cells in the second group. Conclusion: Positive/Negative energy can be measured.

            “Empirical observation”: A transfer of Positive/Negative Energy from person A to person B can be physically observed. Key to this experiment is that a state of a human, in majority of cases, can be observed through facial and body expressions. Thus a happy person would smile and sad person would put their eye brows together. So, take person A with observable facial expression and person B who also tends to express their state. Let person A verbally or physically give a significant amount of Positive or Negative Energy to a person B. Observe change of facial or body expression of person B. This sounds obvious, but it is a very good demonstration of a very basic Circle Theory principle.



Why do I care?

You care because just by understanding the concept you can, without any kind of “coaches”, alter your every day life based on scientific theory. In simpler terms: decrease percentage of bad happening to you and increase percentage of good happening to you.

If you are not that selfish ;) you can also decrease percentage of bad and increase percentage of good for people around you. You do have that power.

You can measurably do what almost every man wants at some point: “change the world”…at least around you. You actually can measurably make it better. Think about it if you like your friends and family to have a better quality of life every day? Not theoretically but measurably.

If you do not care, then you have no control over what is happening to you. Next time something bad happens to you, think about the cause and if it could have been prevented. Think about how what you “do” (5 senses you give to others) influence people around you.

…Or you can make it worse. No one stops you. For example that is what some teenagers subconsciously do when they’re vandalizing and destroying (come on you did that at some point). They release Negative Energy which then creates another Negative Energy. Thus they actually achieve what they want without even knowing it: They take revenge on the world. They start to realize how it is structured and get angry at it.  The way they do it is by making it more negative. However that defeats their original purpose to make the world what they naively imagined it to be in a first place.

            By understanding how Positive and Negative Energy behaves you can actually increase global level of acting positive and do what I am sure at some point you dreamt about: making a world more the way you like. Again, let’s hope it is good which you have in mind, because yes you do also have a power to make it worse. By just raising global level of active positive energy by one point you can save number of lives, raise stock market indexes and simply increase quality of life.

            And now for a somewhat philosophical grand finale: give a power of energy to people, they will make good of it, because they are inherently good.    




Super simplified version

Somewhat super simplified version for dummies:

When Bob yells at John, depending on a size of Bob, John will yell back at him or will yell at Michael. This is an example of transferring Negative Energy between John and Bob, and or transferring it further: Bob gave Negative Energy to John, who transferred it to Michael.

When Mary kisses John, who had a crush on her for a long time, John will forgive Bob. This is exchange of Positive Energy.

When John hits Mary, it was most likely, because John’s dad hit his mom or him and this energy was stored in John and now a little of it is releasing. This is an example of long time storage of Positive/Negative Energy.

When Mary will forgive John for that and make him never do it again, it is because Mary read romantic novels about hero women and now is releasing that positive energy as an antidote to John’s negative. This is an example of objects transferring Positive Energy to people.

It can go on and on because with every move with exchange Positive and Negative Energy.





            Newton’s First Law: “An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force; an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Translation: A body which experiences positive will continue experience positive forever unless negative or neutral is acted upon it, and body which experiences negative will continue experience negative forever unless positive or neutral is acted on upon it. A body, which experience neither positive nor negative, will remain at this state unless positive or negative energy is acted upon it.

            Newton’s example was something like a flying ball will fly forever but air resistance and gravity are forces which are stopping it from doing so. Positive/Negative Energy example is that if you are in a state of negativity, you will be in that state forever unless you will experience positive or neutral. And since your input of Positive/Negative Energy is constant (read bellow), you should get it at some point.

            It should be fair to note that Newton also had a point, which was an origin of Einstein’s theory, that it is impossible to tell if object is in motion or at rest unless you specify a Frame of Reference, an outside point from which you look at the action. This is also true about Positive/Negative Energy because everyone interpret what is Positive and what is Negative differently.

            Newton’s First Law of Motion is actually also is a key in one of the proofs of Positive/Negative Energy. If body is at rest and then body is in motion without External force, then there must be an Internal force which Initiates that motion. That Internal force is Positive/Negative Energy. Example: when you hit something, some force is responsible for initiation of mechanical Energy, i.e. you moving your arm to hit. Energy to hit comes from calories/chemical energy, but force between nothing and moving chemical energy is Positive/Negative Energy.          

            Kinetic Energy: “It is defined as the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity.” Translation: A body, in our case, is +- signed information (sent by senses: visual, audio, touch etc). So it is: work needed to accelerate information of a given quantity from rest to its stated impact (on another body).

            Potential Energy: “In physics, potential energy is the energy stored in a body or in a system due to its position in a force field or due to its configuration.” Translation: Positive and Negative Potential Energy is the energy, which is stored in body, and is not currently active, by way of positive or negative configuration.

            Frame of Reference: Environment (see chapter on environment) of a body determines Frame of Reference. If body A sent a Positive Energy, depending on environment of body B, it can receive a Negative or Positive Energy. Note: sent here is, again, refers to exchange of Information via senses: visual, audio, touch etc.

            Frame of Reference is a key concept which accounts for “everyone has their own view of what is positive and what is negative.” Calculations are adjusted to the frame of reference. Metaphysical discussions about if there exist such quantity as Universal Positive or Universal Negative are irrelevant. In classical physics: No two people occupy same space at the same time, so everyone have different Frame of Reference. Same is true for Positive/Negative Energy Frame of Reference.

            Positive and Negative are also nothing but a definition. And even though a body’s Frame of Reference determines what is Positive and what is Negative, a definition does not change. That is: there is a same Positive for everyone and there is a same Negative for everyone. Positive measured in body A would be on a same scale as Positive measure in body B regardless of Frame of Reference. However translation of some Information received via senses by body A into amount of Positive/Negative would be different from body B receiving same exact Information since no two people have same Frame of Reference.

            Law of Conservation of Energy: “It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time (is said to be conserved over time). A consequence of this law is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another.” Translation: Positive and Negative energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only transform into mechanical (example: punch), chemical (example: tears) or other forms of energy or transfer from a body to another body. Same as other forms of Energy, mechanical, chemical can be transformed into Positive/Negative energy via senses processing Information.

Another consequence of this law is that total amount of Positive/Negative energy can be changed. That is, control of total state of Positive or Negative energy can be changed by transforming it into another form of energy. And another consequence is that other forms of energy can be a source for Positive or Negative energy. That is, you can take mechanical or chemical or other form of energy and “create” a Positive or Negative energy out of it.  

As Einstein proved that mass is energy, it is obvious from above that Information is Energy. All Information is Positive or Negative energy.

            Work: Work is a change of Energy (delta Energy). Translation: Change from Negative energy to Positive = Work; and vice versa. Your state does not go from negativity to positivity without work being done to change it. And that amount of change is work. Work also can be positive and negative; hence energy can be positive and negative. W = E1-E2. If W is negative: -W=E1-E2. -E1=-W+E2

            Any change on Positive/Negative scale is Work. That means that you cannot change Negative into Positive without Work. Since Work, as Energy is a vector, then you cannot change direction without doing work.


            Measurement of Energy: From Wikipedia: “Because energy is defined as the ability to do work on objects, there is no absolute measure of energy. Only the transition of a system from one state into another can be defined and thus energy is measured in relative terms. The choice of a baseline or zero point is often arbitrary and can be made in whatever way is most convenient for a problem.” Translation: Measurement can be done on transition from Positive to Negative energy or from other forms of energy into Positive or Negative energy and vice versa. A zero point is a point where body is at the state of equilibrium which is defined as “the condition of a system in which competing influences are balanced.”

            Inertia: Release of Positive/Negative Energy has inertia.

From Wikipedia: “Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest. It is proportional to an object's mass…energy and mass are not separate things, but are, in fact, interchangeable.” Further in article it also explains that part of Inertia is direction. So if Energy is released in a certain direction its Inertia is to continue releasing Energy in that direction forever, until some other force is acted on it.

            You’ve seen examples of this when you did something wrong and you get yelled at. However 9 out of 10 times you get yelled at way pass the point of your wrong doing. And, on the other hand, you yourself 9 out of 10 times cannot stop being sad or happy right on the spot.

            So does that mean that if you are happy, you would be happy forever? Unfortunately no. With bodies in motion it is usually an air resistance that stops them from going forever. With Positive/Negative Energy it is … Positive/Negative Energy that stops it from going forever. As we’ll see bellow all objects have Positive/Negative Energy, so do all senses. So as long as you are continuously taking input from senses, they will slow down/change direction of state of Positive/Negative Energy. Other sources of this Energy, like memory, also can alter state from going forever.  

            Releasing energy, as we saw, takes a mechanical form: moving your lips, your arms etc. By definition “Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest.” So, that constant release of energy, in the form of movement, is not that easily stopped because Inertia is preventing it.

            Same thing can be said about chemical movement inside your nervous system, which is responsible for you being sad or happy. That movement also has inertia; so a state of a body cannot change immediately.

            Albert Einstein in 1905 wrote 4 of his most famous papers which changed the world of physics…in a row. And right before that his son was born and he moved to a new place. This is a typical example of Positive Energy’s Inertia. Somewhat of unrelated events, but having same Positive Energy, resulted in continuation of that same Energy.

            Another example is athletes. You can see many times that when they are doing something right they continue doing something right and become a “go to guy”. You can see many times how athletes perform well on their birthdays or other big day celebrations. They carry Positive Energy from previous events to the next one. (that by the way is another practical use of Positive/Negative Energy)

            Of course this does not happen 100% of the time, however it is possible to calculate when it would happened. Key is original Energy, its continuation, and most importantly a non-interruption from an opposite Energy. Since Positive Energy would move forever in positive direction unless interrupted with Negative or Neutral Energy.  

            Newton, who defined what Inertia is, believed that it is not a phenomenon but a cause of the phenomenon. Even though in modern physics it is accepted that this phenomenon and cause of it is basically equivalent, Newton’s original description fits well with description of Positive/Negative Energy. Positive/Negative energy is a cause of other forms of energy. This is what makes you act=release Energy in a certain way.


Direction: Positive Work means change of Energy is done in the same direction as displacement. Negative Work means change of Energy is done in an opposite direction. By Frame of Reference we know that bodies see Negative or Positive energy based on their Frame of Reference. So: if body interprets information (energy) given to it in the same direction as Force which gave that energy, it receives positive work and hence positive energy. Similar statement is true about negative energy.

Positive feedback: Wikipedia: “A system exhibiting positive feedback, in response to perturbation, acts to increase the magnitude of the perturbation. That is, "A produces more of B which in turn produces more of A".”

This is actually a key goal of The Circle Theory! Producing Positive energy starts a feedback loop. The only requirement for this is that bodies do not convert active Positive energy into passive/potential Positive energy. That is you do not store it but, like those annoying chain letters, keep it moving.

What is happening though is: if A gives B +10 and B gave A +10, total Positive/Negative Energy will be more then +20. The reasoning for it is: because this energy is active, giving +10 back does not stop but continues moving in a loop. Moreover it is increasing in magnitude. Of course you do not go overboard and go completely bananas ;) With Positive Feedback comes a stabilizing force. It will prevent this energy from overflowing.

 But key concept in all of this is: once loop (Circle) is created, it produces more energy then is actually initially given away. This is a way to naturally multiply Positive energy. And this is a way to resolve most of the issues stated above like crime prevention, war prevention, suicide prevention, health.





Addition/Subtraction: “Today Michael gave me -10”, “after that Jason gave me +15”, “now I have +5.” Sounds simple? Except for a fact that + and – is based on Frame of Reference. In regular physics frame of reference example is as follows: a person A, who is sitting inside a train, thinks that his velocity is 0, while a person B observing him from outside the train sees person A moving with a train at a high speed. In our world it will be similar to Michael could have seen that he gave you +10 when you perceived that you received -10. But overall this new energy can be summed up or subtracted, as well as multiplied or divided. For example a calm, lethargic person receiving +10 is not the same as an energizer bunny person receiving +10. In case of an energetic/emotional person it will be multiplied. We’ll talk later about environment in which this energy lives.

There can be an incorrect notion that you might feel that whatever comes later has stronger power. That is: if you receive +7 positive, but then someone comes in and gives you -3 negative, your positive will be ruined and you will become negative. That has nothing to do with math. What that relates to is that whatever comes later has a greater tendency to be released; like a stack: last in, first out. But that positive which you received before negative will still be there, and at some later point you will be able to use it.

Overall whole concept of Circle theory is based on a fact that Energy can be added, subtracted, divided and multiplied. It obeys all math laws. So if you measure incoming and outgoing energy then 2 + 2 will in fact equal to 4.

Symmetric, Transitive, and Reflexive Relations: Transitive: As we saw in an example from a chapter above, if A gives energy to B, it is likely for B to give this energy to next C that comes along. Symmetry: Even more likely that if A gives energy back to B, since the very next person A interacts with is highly likely B again. Reflexivity: A possesses this energy, so it is by definition reflexive.  

Vector. Positive/Negative energy also has a direction. Usual case is that a source gives Positive/Negative energy directly to you. But there can be cases where it is meant, for example, for more then one person and it comes to you not at straight angle. Here is an example: you are standing in line and someone calls another person a racist name, and you are very much an anti racist. That will give you Negative energy. However you will receive much more Negative energy if that someone called you directly a racist name. In that case you would have gotten much more Negative energy because it would came out directly without an angle. There can also be a vector field: usually media gives you news which affects a large population sample. In this case you will also receive less Negative energy then if you were a part of that news. Also you may be only partially related to a population sample in question.  

Keep in mind that when you send out energy, it is not only an intended recipient gets it. Others, who witness an event, may also receive this energy. That is: you radiate energy. Radiation is, by definition, a spreading of energy in different direction from a single source. That is exactly what might happen to a Positive/Negative energy source. So make sure you know source and destination, and be aware of indirect destination of energy you radiate.




Scientific background

            Energy in living bodies does not come solely from food. For example you all experience how a certain memory gives you more energy to do some work. Or you all experienced how seeing something gives you more energy to do work. Moving your arms, legs, mouth to do that work is chemical energy converted into mechanical energy. But, again, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, which means energy stored in memory gave you that mechanical energy, energy stored in information you received gave you that mechanical energy.

            Information is stored in memory. Argument is that it is stored also with Positive /Negative energy. From the definition of Amygdala (neurons in the brain): From Wikipedia: “The amygdala are associated with both emotional learning and memory, as it responds strongly to emotional stimuli…These neurons assist in encoding emotional memories and enhancing them.” So there is a direct correlation between information storage, aka memory, and emotional association with this information. And, as it was illustrated above, information/memory is responsible for mechanical/chemical energy human releases.

            Information in bodies is believed to be stored in neurons or their interaction/changes; one example is: long term potentiation (LTP), which is “long-lasting enhancement in signal transmission between two neurons.” It is part of a nervous system, which is mostly responsible for you feeling positive or you felling negative. Thus information carries with itself energy. But, since it is in nervous system, it also carries a “charge”: negative or positive.

            If you think it resembles electricity, you are correct. Signals are exchanged from organs which receive sensory information (eyes, ears, etc.) and brain, and within brain itself. Our argument is that it also carries a “charge”. That is: if information had a negative charge, it will be stored with such charge, and moreover released with such charge, which can be shown by experiments.

            “Pheromone” – is, from Wikipedia: a chemical which is released by one individual which triggers a social reaction in another individual. This illustrates a behavioral communication between chemical energy and positive/negative energy. Pheromones in animals are used, for example, for mating signals or for marking territory. As we can see, in first example it sends a positive energy and in second example a negative energy (depending again on a frame of reference). So chain of events is: A wants to send, lets say, positive energy to B; A converts positive energy into a pheromone, sends it thought the air to B; B absorbs pheromone chemical, converts it to positive energy and then acts on it. If we take out the middle, we will have A makes B act positive.

However, to be fair, even though science is narrowing down on how humans store information, it is still not 100% known. But most known research on this subject so far very well supports theory that information is stored with negative/positive charge.





            I = α * Epn  , where I - is Information, α - is conversion constant, Epn – is Positive/Negative Energy.

             I (information) is in bits. Epn is in Joules.

            “Information to Energy conversion is proportional”.

            Explanation: When you receive information, it is stored with positive/negative sign. Once you convert information into energy that sign gets assigned to resulting energy. Sign is quantitative.

            Example: You punched someone. Some time in a past you received information which was interpreted by a negative sign. It was stored. Now, here is what is happening at the time of the punch: 1) Brain sends a signal to chemicals/muscle to act. This is sent in binary (0s and 1s). 2) By equation above this bits of information converted into chemical energy; the one which makes your muscles move. 3) Chemical energy processes calories from food which were stored in you and converts it to mechanical energy of the punch.

            Without step 2) this process is just incomplete.

            Also, note that we are treating brain, which processes information, here as a black box. We do not know how it is processed, but for the sake of converting energy and calculating total energy it does not matter.

            Note that this is a two-way equality. That is: if someone punched you, Positive/Negative energy received from it will be converted into Information and stored.




How to measure it?

            One method is to measure cells where information is stored. The difference between storage of negative and positive energy should be measurable. Pick an arbitrary constant as a unit of measure (same as meter or pound was picked). Energy is defined as an ability to change a system. So the amount of change in charge between cell storing negative and cell storing positive is that energy we are describing.

Another method is: there must exist a 0 point. Assumption is that it is a meditation or deep sleep that is close to a 0 point. When a person is awake he acts on + or – energy.

There are two types of scales proposed. One is a percentage scale, which is relative. What is it relative to? Either absolute positive and absolute negative, if they can be defined; or individual’s maximum and minimum levels. (Nobody said I will answer all the questions :) It will probably raise more questions that answer).

And another scale is a point scale, which is absolute. That is, we take a measurable amount and take as an etalon of measurement some unit (more on it in another chapter). Then for everyone it will be the same: a millimeter is a millimeter for everyone.

Both scales have their benefits and drawbacks. Absolute is good to determine energy level across population and for defining rules for everyone. Relative is good because it is more fair, as all individuals are different.

Again, to be fair, as you notice there is no precise answer to question “How to measure it?” One reason for it is that it is an open theory. But what is important for this theory to exist, and it is proven in this book: it can be measured.



Potential vs. Kinetic Energy

If Energy cannot be created or destroyed then there is no point in this whole Circle Theory! You can’t create more positive or destroy more negative?

Right? However energy can be potential or kinetic. It can be active (kinetic) or passive (potential). If energy is doing something and is circulating then it is doing work. So we are mostly influenced by kinetic energy. Potential energy does not do anything. It is sitting there as a reserve until it becomes kinetic.

Anyone of us has potential to go completely nuts on someone. Anyone of us has potential to do hard crimes. On the other hand anyone of us has potential to make people around us happy. Anyone of us has potential to save lives. The only difference is which one is activated and which one you have a choice to activate. And, as we saw above, activating one energy starts up a chain (or the Circle) of the same kind of energy.

So now you know that you can do passive (potential) to active (kinetic) and vice versa, but remember that you also can do negative to positive and vice versa. So there are 2 transformations you can do: from negative to positive and backwards; and other one is from passive (potential) to active (kinetic) and backwards. That complicates things a bit because now there are 4 combinations: Negative-Passive, Negative-Active, Positive-Passive, and Positive-Active. Each one of the 4 can be transformed into the other.

Sounds ok? That is if you can count to 4. Let me complicate it a bit more: transformations can be partial. For example you received -10 (Negative-Active), and you split it into -3(Negative-Passive), +5(Positive-Passive) and +2(Positive-Active). This is our first realistic example. Examples above are true, but most likely receiving, giving and transforming is happening in chunks.

When energy travels it also encounters “friction”, as active (kinetic) energy “looses” itself to passive (potential) along the way. From that a deduction follows: if energy is not revived it will eventually turn into 0 (completely become other form of energy). As you know, does not matter how hard of a negative or positive you receive, at some point active (kinetic) portion of it will look like it will become 0. But if it was a hard negative or positive, you also know that at some point it will come back to you. At that point of time you will have passive (potential) portion of that energy and make it active.

Key to the Circle Theory is converting Active Negative into Passive Negative and converting Passive Positive into Acting Positive. And, as we saw above, what starts this conversion? Positive/Negative Energy itself, thus making it a Circle.




Energy of objects

            In order to interpret if Energy is Positive or Negative a body needs to be alive and have a brain. However that does not mean that only humans or animals have Positive/Negative Energy.

            Every object has Positive/Negative Energy!

            Proof: Any object has Information; and Information is related to Positive/Negative energy proportionally by α - a conversion constant. Since I = α * Epn  , all objects which have Information also have Epn (Positive/Negative Energy).

            In objects (as vs. bodies) Positive/Negative Energy is not active. But since this Information can be observed by senses, objects have Potential Positive/Negative Energy. That Potential energy can become Active (Kinetic) when processed by senses.

            Example: rock has a Positive/Negative Energy. Rock as an object has Information: shape, color, taste, size and so on…When you, a living body, is looking at the rock it might give you a significant Positive or significant Negative energy if you like/dislike its shape, color, etc. And on the other hand, most of the time, rock is just a rock and you do not care. However, because you still process information by looking at the rock, negligible amount of Positive or Negative energy still comes with that information. It may be very close to 0, but it still has a sign. Thus, rock has Positive/Negative energy.

            Analogy: In traditional physics a laying rock also has energy, a Potential Energy, since any object which has a mass has Energy. If you don’t trust this concept, you might trust guys who invented it: Newton and Einstein ;) However that rock has a “potential” to have a Kinetic energy also.

            Thus, Positive/Negative Energy is in everything. It is a field around us. This field is not being invented, it is just a new definition to an already existing phenomena: a powerful Field of Positive/Negative Energy.



Information = Energy

            Information is Energy. Information cannot exist without Energy. Information carries a message which we interpret and assign to it a positive or negative sign. It can be infinitely small, but a sign. Our source of Energy is not only food calories, but also Information. When coach tells something to an athlete and he produces more kinetic energy, the source comes from Information. When you think of someone who is dear to you and make that extra push, the source comes from Information. 

The main source of Positive/Negative energy is Information. Information is proportional to Positive/Negative energy I = α * Epn.

We pass Energy via Information in different ways. As we already saw the most obvious way is through senses like in conversation. Let’s look at some of more interesting ways of passing Energy around.

For example: You can pass Positive/Negative Energy to someone who will live hundreds of years from now. And you already get Energy from someone who lived hundreds of years ago. You do it, as one of the options, by reading a book. Did you ever read a book which made you feel so good that you went out and did something good to another? Or, for that matter, you can read a bad book and go and do bad to another, however by the power of the author of this book it is not advised ;) But in any case Information is stored with positive or negative sign; it can be unbelievably small, but there is always a sign. So you pass information with a charge. Every time you create something, you encode Energy someone else can receive. By writing something in a book, you can make someone happy 100 years from now.

Other form of passing Information to someone is through genetics, for example via DNA or other means. All animals, including humans, are born with some knowledge of the world. A dog knows to urinate under a tree, or something which looks like a tree, and no one teaches it to him. A human child knows to use his voice to communicate from a second he was born, and no one teaches it to him. All of it is Information passed internally from parents to children. Another kind of Information being passed is genetic health and look information. For example, if father has green eyes and mother has blue eyes child will have grey eyes. Or, if parents were being built well physically, then a child will have a predisposition to being well physically built. All of this is Information and thus it is Positive/Negative Energy. So all this eyes and predisposed world knowledge carries with it Positive and/or Negative Energy. Every single piece of Information. Moreover, if, let’s say, parents were angry bad people, a child will have a predisposition towards being angry and bad. That roughly translates to: if parents were heavy Negative Energy producers, then a child will be a heavy Negative Energy producer.

However, and this is probably the most important point, a child has an ability to change that! As we know, Positive or Negative Energy is just a form of Energy which can be converted. A body always (!) has an ability to do something with level or sign of Positive/Negative Energy. Chapters “Parents” and “Children” describe more on passing information this way.

There are 2 main forms of passing Information: external and internal. External being Senses and internal being Genetics. In both cases Potential Positive/Negative Energy is passed along with Information.

There is also an argument can be made for “Self-Inducing” Positive/Negative Energy. That is where a thought process comes up with a conclusion. That conclusion can be Positive or Negative. You all probably had something like this: you thought about an experience you had as negative, but after thinking about it, you thought of it as positive. Or even simpler: you invented something, or come up with an idea which made you feel positive. What appears to happen is: you had 0 and after thought process you have Positive. As we know Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so where did it come from? The answer given here will not be original and will agree with most of scientific literature on that subject: our brain is a mystery black box. We don’t have full understanding of all processes which happen in there.

If you noticed, this book on purpose treats brain as a black box and is making sure that for all conclusions drawn not much is assumed about how brain works. So, with regards to that: there is a Positive/Negative energy coming out of black box (brain). What is it is still a mystery. By creating ideas you are “creating” Positive Energy simply by thought process.

Information is Energy. External Information is senses. External Information is by far the largest part of Information. We know world by senses. The world we perceive around us is Information. So world itself is build from Information, and thus Positive/Negative Energy.




The Second Theory: Breaking Point

A sub-theory of the Circle Theory is the Threshold breaking point theory. If positive and especially negative energy can be measured, then there is a point at which negative energy goes over threshold and human has to release it. This is responsible for most of the hard crimes (another sources include psychiatric health reasons, accidents etc. )

A human being is a vessel for positive and negative energy. This vessel can hold certain amount. If it goes over what that vessel can hold, it will be released, and it will be released along with other energy. It is somewhat similar to how much water a person can drink.

Next time you see news (which seems to be one of the main sources of negative energy, but more on it later), think about why those crimes happen. We are talking now about intentional crimes. Taken an individual who committed that crime it is not hard to trace it back to negative energy this person received and the amount of it. In most cases of chronic felons it came in an early childhood from parents in huge portions of negative energy. In others it can be traced to a time right before a crime: seeing a cheating spouse, being horribly insulted, etc. In all those cases you can see high amount of negative energy received and what is the result of it.

In all cases of releasing negative energy it can be traced back to a source!

Practical implementation of the Threshold Theory: think about how many lives can be saved just by detecting this breaking point and preventing it. This can be internal and external: Internal is that person himself has a simple measuring device and can see when he is about to go over and take some precautionary measures. External is when a law enforcement can track this level in certain individuals. Of course External is a huge privacy violation and there a lot of issues with it.

Everyone have a different breaking point. Some people can hold a very small amount of accumulating energy, and release it often. Other people can hold a lot, but also when they release they release a lot. And yet others can, even subconsciously, convert negative energy into pacified forms. That feels something like numbing negative and trying to release positive.

In this sense it is very similar to alcohol levels. Even though there are laws, each individual have different amount of “breaking point” in terms of how much alcohol he can hold. And also effect of alcohol on each person going over their limit is different. This analogy is useful for having analogous methods of dealing with a phenomenon.

Somewhat related to the Breaking Point is the Point of Release. For example, toxic elements which alter the brain state, such as alcohol or drugs, can make people release negative or positive energy at much earlier stage. Again, same analogy as with human body holding too much water. That, which was holding this energy, can’t hold it as well under the toxic influences. Think about how many hard crimes were committed under the influence by people who would not do it otherwise? Release can take different forms: negative: fighting, tears, etc, or positive: becoming friendlier, kissing, becoming more talkative etc. In both cases you are releasing extra energy.  

Counter argument will be: “but every man has a different breaking point, so why bother measuring it?” But notice that we are defining a unit of measure standard across everyone, but a threshold is different. For example, most of us have different normal blood pressure level, but unit of measurement is the same for everyone.

Until a measuring device can come into play, you, as an individual, can yourself track your breaking point. This is a good tool to make you win over bad situations which gets you into worse once.




Owner of Energy

Energy can be stored with an owner. For example if someone gave you a large amount of Positive Energy, next time you see that person, you will have a high likelihood of releasing some of this Positive Energy back to them. How do you know that? There can be an association between Energy and who gave it to you.

Information is proportional to Energy and all Energy comes to you from some Source. Source -> Information -> Energy. That Information can be recalled when your senses encounter that source. This also is partially responsible for Positive Feedback Loop. That is: someone gave you Positive or Negative Energy; it got stored together with an originator; when you encounter originator you release it back to them, and now you become an originator; and that cycle, by Newton’s 1st law, can go forever unless it is interrupted with some other force.

However, the whole Circle Theory will break if an Energy given to you by an owner can be released back only to that owner. This scenario is impossible in the way our world is structured. The reason for it that Energy and its owner are independent quantities and they are stored differently, even though they have an association between them. And since Energy in a body is at a constant use, it constantly gets utilized; even when owner, who gave you that Energy, is not present.

For example, if someone gave you a lot of Negative Energy and went away, you have a high probability of releasing it on someone or something else, since you need that Energy to perform. Moreover, if before you see that person next time someone gave you a lot of Positive Energy, active Energy at that given point might be dominated by Positive Energy, even though this person will be associated with negativity. And if those are prerequisites in this situation you will in fact likely to release Positive Energy on a source who gave you Negative Energy. Of course, keys to this scenario are amounts of Positive and Negative Energy. However the main point is that even though there is a clear association between owner and Energy, it is a weak bond and Energy is circulating independently.

Example, which shows this bond, even though it is weak, can be as follows: In many circles of friends there is one person who always tries to tell negative news to everyone: some disaster happened, someone died, and so on. So, if that person does it consistently enough, your senses get strong owner-Negative Energy association.

Or did you ever notice that there some people, you can’t quite get it why, but you just want to punch them. If you study careful enough, you will see that this person through 1 or more senses brings you large or constant amounts of Negative Energy. 1 or more of your senses translates what that person gives you into Negative Energy. Thus when you see that person you want to release it back to them. A fact is that “the most likely target to release Energy is the owner of this Energy”, even though a key in the Circle Theory is that “Energy from anyone can be released to anyone else”.





What can I do?

Let’s assume you want good. Even if you think bad is fun, most of the time you do want good. Just count it through the day. The mere fact that you can count how many times you wanted bad, but when you try to count how many times you want good it’s constant blur, tells you how much good you want even subconsciously and how much you take it for granted. So there, you want good, even if you don’t know it :)

Throughout the days, weeks or years you receive unbelievable amount of negative energy. As you know energy cannot be destroy or created. But it sure can be suppressed or converted into another form of energy. One of those “another forms of energy” can be a positive energy.

Number one step is awareness of when you receive negative energy and even more when you release it. In order for you to control a world around you and not be a complete 100% puppet, you need to understand when energy comes into you and when it leaves you.

Number two step is to understand in what form it does it. For example when some people receive negative energy, they go and punch a boxing bag. What they do is convert negative energy into mechanical energy. If you are strong enough you can just suppress it: i.e. convert negative active(kinetic) energy into negative passive(potential) energy. There is a draw back though that this energy will not be destroyed and can be accumulated and released at some point all at once. However it can also be overwritten by a larger amount of positive energy, or simply it can loose its power over time under entropy.

Number three step is to become a source of positive. When you are not at point 0, you have energy. You can give that energy to someone else, thus increasing total amount of positive acting energy. What is even more interesting is that you will not be giving away you positive energy and be left out without it. The very notion of giving has a kickback or reaction which gets back to you. Moreover, depending on a source, this kickback can be equal to or bigger then an amount of energy given away.

I hope you at some point experienced doing good to others, or giving away positive energy, and actually could empirically observe how it gets you that energy back with even greater force, which makes you then give it back to them with even greater then greater force. Sounds familiar? It’s our favorite notion from 5th grade physics: positive feedback (not a workplace feedback, but physics feedback ;)). All you have to do is be the source.




How does this energy travel?

We have censors/senses. Vision (sight), audition (hearing), gestation (taste), olfaction (smell) and tactition (touch). When we receive information via those senses it also comes with positive and/or negative energy. Information carries with it an energy which later can be acted upon. I will not go into a science of cybernetics to explain how humans process information to save you five years, however it involves mostly brain processing.

When you heard “Hi honey, I cleaned up the house, did all the dishes, bought all groceries and here are flowers for you”, you probably wanted to kiss that person, hopefully. You received plain information via hearing and sight, but what made you want to act on it? Information you received also had a charge, a positive charge in this case.

Moreover, it can come from beyond 5 senses. If you recall some happy event in your past, you are inducing a positive energy on yourself, even though most of that energy will come from the time it was stored by that happy event. Even more, it can come from combination of past and present: some music (hearing) reminded you about a past happy event so you get that positive charge from an old event while also getting positive charge from hearing this music.  

Next time an event occurs to you try doing this: 1. Break this event into what senses received it. 2. Give each of those senses positive or negative charge and assign a value to it. 3. Try to keep that charge in mind and see when you release it next time. Sounds simple? But it requires some getting used to.  





Where does it go over time?

Time always plays a role unless you are a Paul McCartney ;) But how does a time relates to negative and positive energy? With time energy degrades and converts to other forms loosing its initial strength. …Unless it is recharged.

As all forms of energy, negative and positive energy is subject to Entropy. That is, over time it looses its original content more and more. Let’s say an event happened to you 10 years ago and it stored negative energy in you. As we know you can tap into this energy at a later point and convert it from passive to active. But think about if it would be as strong right now as if you would have retrieved it 10 years ago, right after it was stored? Of course not …unless it was recharged at a later time.

Potential energy, which is sitting and doing nothing, eventually comes to almost 0! It is never 0 if even one cell in you body still has a reference to it. Because then it can be brought up again.

You’ve heard a phrase “time heals.” If we look at it from Positive/Negative Energy perspective, then all it says is “Negative Energy degrades over time.” Pain you experienced long time ago is not as sharp …unless you recharge it. A passionate feeling you experienced for someone long time ago is not as sharp …unless you recharge it.

So what is this “unless you recharge it?” You all heard, and some lucky even seen, a passion which last for a long time. Translate it into our terms: positive energy stored a long time ago never sits for a long time without being active. If you bring this positive energy to being active, as you know, it sparks other positive energy in other people and then gets back to you. So essentially if you do not let it sit and keep it active you a) never let it go to 0 b) have a high probability of keeping it at the same level c) have a good probability to even increase its level if it is used on a regular basis.

Negative energy which is not used = is good. Positive energy which is not used = wasted.




What to do with Negative Energy?

            When you receive Negative Energy, by rules above, it will be stored. You have couple of options:

Try to “pacify” it and hold it inside: The benefit of this approach is that Entropy will do its toll and over time this Negative energy, unless recharged, will simply almost go away. It is similar to saying “time heals”. And more important you do not release Negative Energy back into the world so you break Negative Cycle. A draw back of this approach is that if you accumulate too much Negative energy inside this way, you will get to Breaking Point. And whole point of Circle Theory is to avoid that.

Convert it into another form of energy: We already saw example of converting Negative energy to Mechanical energy. Example of this can be shouting, punching something or any other form of Kinetic energy. Benefit of this approach is that at the end you should end up not having any form of Negative Energy you received. A draw back is that you need to make sure that you use correct diversion; otherwise diversions themselves will be a cause of even greater Negative Energy.

Diversion: Diversion is a practice of diverting Negative energy from bodies to objects. That is, you do not release Negative back at originating body or divert it to another body. You release it into an object. One drawback is that as we saw objects also carry energy as Information. So, for example, modifying piece of paper and writing on it hate words can be same thing as releasing it to a 3rd person who will read it. In this case it becomes not a diversion but a redirection. Also, as good as it sounds, this practice is not as effective. Coefficient of conversion α is small and it is almost never possible to completely convert Negative Energy into Mechanical Energy. Does not matter how much you punch a bag, you will still be left with some Negative energy.

Release Negative energy received from a body back to this body: This is probably the worst case scenario. Main problem of this approach is that it can create Positive Feedback loop of Negative Energy (as paradoxical as that term sounds ;) ). In this case Negative energy will feed on itself and will just keep increasing until stabilizing force will limit its growth, however by that time it can be too late. Another huge problem is that of course you continue Cycle of Negative energy and it just keeps going and, as we saw, has a high probability of ending up getting back at you. However horrible as it sounds, this approach is not without benefits. One of the goals of releasing Negative energy back is to stop the source. If someone keeps yelling at you, the only way to stop them might be to yell at them back. That will also do a “good” thing because it will stop release of Negative energy thus limiting its cycling in the world.

As we can see, there is no 1 correct answer. All approaches have right to exist. However goal remains the same: stop the cycle of Negative Energy.  




Energy does not exist in a vacuum. Environment, in which energy lives, does matter. A spring and a ball have different potential energy. In our world, as was already mentioned, a hyper person and a lethargic person have different potential energy. So in our case environment is a human and his biological system.

Environment has a great effect on a sign of the energy and on active-passive conversion.  Biological, and especially neurological, brain structure of a person plays a great role. Sound is a vibration of air molecules. And in vacuum, which by definition has no air, it simply cannot exist. This energy gets stored in cells in human body and gets released/converted from those cells. So, if a man has a high release point, this energy will be released often. On the other side, brain activity also plays a role. As we already talked about perception aka Frame of Reference: a person who is used to seeing everything in negative will receive more negative energy. We know that brain can control physiology, for example it can control pain and eliminate it when necessary (a lot of examples exist in scientific literature and on youtube ;)). So brain can control how Positive and Negative Energy is received.

 Interesting question is: does Positive and Negative Energy also exist in animals? Answer is yes. Animals also have nerve systems and cells in which energy can be stored. Simple example is: dog which will be hit with a stick will react with a lot of negative power. Dog which will be petted will react with positive power. However, because their environment/physiology is different, they will receive negative and positive differently and also have a different release point. For example, a dog will not take a stick in a back and go away quietly dealing with his issues ;)

As we also saw earlier environment plays a role in multiplying or decreasing energy received. An exuberant person will multiply it and lethargic will decrease it. So environment also is very important in simple math calculations.

Since you are the environment and brain can control reception and storage of energy, you can control negative and positive energy you receive.





Body as an Environment

Your physical condition is also a part of Environment of body. It plays a key role and actually affects Positive/Negative Energy twice.

First of all, if you have pain or your body is in an unhealthy condition, you are receiving a constant, let me emphasize constant, supply of Negative energy. This will affect all other Positive/Negative Energy which your receive. What you receive from your body can vary in strength and in length, but the fact that you and your body, lets say, are “inseparable” makes it your closest and largest source of Positive/Negative energy.

Where “twice” comes is that your body’s health is not only a source of energy but also a part of the Environment. So when you receive Energy, it will be stored in that body. If that body is unhealthy, we already saw what can happen: lower Breaking Point, multiplying/dividing received Energy, lower Point of Release and so on.

It also affects your ability to process Information (which is proportionately equal to Positive/Negative Energy) because your senses are part of your health state. Your eyes, ears, mouth and your whole surface area are points at which you receive Energy. If any one of them is not properly functioning, it will affect the flow of Energy. Even worse is that if any one of them gives you pain, it may alter Positive into Negative.

And yet another effect your body has is by influencing your brain. Brain is that famous black box which is responsible for interpreting Negative and Positive. You all experienced a difference when you tried to think and nothing hurts, or when something hurts and you tried to think.

It is well proven in medical literature that brain affects body and body very much affects brain.

On the other hand, a healthy body makes you a) feel good, which means receiving Positive Energy b) processes Information undistorted c) and gives you good Frame of Reference for balance of Positive/Negative. Healthy body can be one of the best sources of your personal Positive energy, which in turn is good for the Circle of Positive Energy in nature.




Multiple forms of energy at the same time

            An object can have more then one form of energy at the same time. For example, if you did something bad and your girl threw at you a hot cup of coffee, then flying cup of coffee has kinetic, thermal, gravitational and whole bunch of other forms of energy even before it lands on you ;)

            Why is this important? When a body receives an informational energy in some other form of energy it also receives it with Positive/Negative Energy. If someone punched you, then you received mechanical, kinetic, thermal energy, but along with it you also received Negative energy.

            Positive/Negative Energy does not exist by itself. It always accompanies other forms of energy. It is other energy’s charge and guide.

            Moreover, can something have Negative and Positive charge at the same time? Of course! This gets closer to Quantum mechanics states, i.e. being at 2 states at the same time, but you get the idea. You can definitely remember when you felt both Positive and Negative simultaneously. An unanswered though question is: is this really simultaneous or it is just switching very fast between two states or may be one channel or sense sending you Positive Energy while other is sending Negative. For example your TV switches very fast between screen refreshes and you perceive it as a continuous movement. So imagine switching between two points infinitely fast, then there will be no difference between being in 2 states at the same time and switching between 2 states. Or may be your visual sense sends you that it is beautiful but your hearing sends you that it sounds awful. Like a peacock.

            Does not matter how it is accomplished, most common state is actually “impure” state - partially Positive, partially Negative or both.



Example with explanation

            Here is a simple example of actions and how Positive/Negative Energy plays a role in it.

You just saw on the news something horrible, which made you very sad and mad. Your girlfriend comes into a room telling you that she is tired of you parking your car like that. You tell her where she can go with her parking. She runs away crying.

            First of all, light waves coming from TV hit your eye balls. Your eyes convert light energy into chemical energy and send this energy to the brain. But, what is important is that they send it as information. So far, before it did not get to the brain, you cannot have it being positive or negative. It needs an interpretation, or in more scientific term: it needs perception.

            Brain receives this information. It processes it. A lot of things happening during that processing: parsing it, storing it into short term memory and so on. But one important thing is that a positive or negative (or neutral) sign gets assigned to that information. Because of Law of Conservation of Energy total energy received from TV/light will be equal to sum of energies your brain converted it to. And that is where Positive/Negative Energy is born.

            It is not “born”. It was converted from light energy sent by TV. You agree that at the beginning of the sequence we had light, and at the end of the sequence your human state changes. In this example it changes to negative. And that is a direct result of light energy.

            Then Negative energy gets stored (same way as short term memory information does).

            Your girlfriend comes along and asks you a question.

            Because you have to respond you have to release energy. And what is responsible for you doing almost any voluntary movement is Positive/Negative energy since it is a source of you wanting to do anything (as was describe in chapter Physics).

            You say something bad to your girlfriend. So what and why is this happening?

            You release energy in a form of audio. Sound – is a vibration of air molecules. So, by same Law of Conservation of Energy, the amount of energy needed to vibrate air molecules, aka sound, is equal to the sum of energies it took you to release it. So Negative/Positive energy, as a source, was one of them.

            Since Negative energy received last is still in “short-term” memory and it is in full force, because entropy did not have time to take effect, it becomes the easiest to release. So this is what you do.

            Now result of a Circle Theory is that light energy from TV circled to Negative energy to your girlfriend received in a form of audio.

            She receives energy with information and processes it same way you did. The only difference is that instead of eyes, her ears send signal to the brain.

            Because she is emotional, which means she can only hold a small amount of Positive/Negative energy, amount she received takes her over her Breaking Point.       So she has to, it is important that she has to, convert this extra energy into some other form of energy. So she chooses chemical energy (= tears) to convert Negative Energy into.

            Energy sent from TV circled back to tears. What is important is that it is the same energy. It is same energy which was sent from TV. It is just circulating.




Creating Energy

            Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but Positive/Negative Energy can be created. What?

            Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed from other forms of Energy. For example, in a spring a potential energy is transformed into mechanical energy when spring is released.

            So Positive/Negative Energy can be created for example from chemical energy. All of you, probably, felt this at some point: When you have an ache, your responses to other people become more negative. Some chemical imbalance you have affects how you act. If you have an aching back, and someone comes along and bothers you, you are most likely to release some energy on them. But it did not come from information or any other source. It just came from chemicals acting inside you. This is an example of chemical energy giving birth to Positive/Negative Energy.

            Tool, this information gives you, is an ability to control it. Before you “bark” on someone you can suppress release of negative energy. It is true that most of us cannot do it. So it might take practice. But at least it gives you something you can use in order not to degrade some one else unfairly. “If I am in pain, let them be in pain too.” Works for you, but will suck if others will apply that logic on you.

            So because Energy is always around us, it is always, without exception, possible for a living body to create Positive/Negative Energy.




Living Energy

Energy spreads through organisms.

We already saw how giving +10 energy from person A to person B can travel to person C from person B or back to person A. And from person C it can go back to A or B or can travel to person D. We also saw that it can be multiplied and/or joined with other energy.

Thus energy originating at A has a life of its own, moreover it is infinite as energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Even though that spread appears to be random, we can calculate probability of a specific energy ending up in a specific source. We saw how the highest probability of energy given away by A is A itself. If B is in a circle of A and C is not, then B has a higher probability of receiving energy originating from A then C, and so on.

That was an example of only one energy originating from A. But every second there is a very large number of outgoing negative or positive energy from a specific source. Moreover, in a circle of A, B and C even greater number of energy is originating. All this energy is interacting and influencing each other.

Thus it becomes very hard to know for sure the path of the energy once it leaves the source. It can end up in an unexpected destination. You hitting someone’s car, can give energy to that person to yell at someone, who then in tern can break up with someone, who then can quit her job and so on. But you, the originator, will be responsible for the end action.

It is somewhat resembles “butterfly effect”: if a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world, it can have an effect on weather in another part of the world.

An energy you let out has an infinite life within a system, so be aware of Energy you are generating.  




Energy is everywhere.

            Nikola Tesla said "Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe." That was said in relation to his belief that energy can be obtained “at any point of the universe.” This cannot be more true about Positive/Negative Energy. It is everywhere and you can tap on it at any point of the universe. For a body it can be done as from external sources and, as more importantly, from internal sources.

            As we know all objects and bodies possess Positive/Negative Energy, so literally any point in the Universe (may be with exception of vacuum) can be used to get Positive/Negative Energy out. Let’s say for example that you received a lot of Negative Energy and you are at the state of negativity. You can find an object that has Positive Energy and this will adjust your balance. Common objects used in these situations are music players, books, food and so on. However others, like rocks, plants, even the quality of air, also posses Positive/Negative Energy. So Energy can literally be drawn from every single object. However since you have your own Frame of Reference, you might not get Positive Energy from same objects as others and for some it might be even difficult to find such objects.

However, internally you always have both Positive and Negative Energy. So you always have a resource from which you can adjust your balance. This is extensively used by athletes. Often when it looks like they have no more power to go on, they get new energy and look rejuvenated. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. So this new energy came from somewhere. But that often happens when no one touches them or gives them any kind of energy. The way they get it is by recalling something, or more precisely: retrieving some Information. Information always has Positive/Negative Energy. So this is where their new Energy comes from. They dig into their internal source.

It is not only athletes. In everyday life people also get themselves “back up” same way. The only question that needs to be asked is “where this new Energy did come from?”




Means for Transfer of Energy

            “A man insulted a gang member. Gang member got so upset that he took a gun and shot at a man.” In this fairly likely scenario a key in the final outcome is by which means a Negative Energy from a gang member will travel back at a man.

            Means of travel of Positive/Negative Energy between bodies can be senses (talk, show, touch), mechanical energy (throwing a ball at someone, removing a carpet from under someone), objects (write in a book which someone will read in a future, strum a guitar which someone will hear), another body (telling something to someone who will tell it to someone else), internal (my son will have blue eyes because I have blue eyes) and more.

            Means of transfer are greatly important as they multiply or divide Energy. From our example: a gang member who received the same amount of Negative Energy, but who did not possessed a gun, will create much smaller Negative Energy when giving it back to a person who assaulted him, then the one who carries a gun. A key in the final outcome of a fight between a man and a gang member is Means of Negative Energy Travel.

            This is a practical application of the Circle Theory: this gives a good tool at stopping a Negative Energy chain. In more general terms, it gives a better control over the Circle. If person A has +20 and gives it to person B, then means of transfer is one of key factors which will determine how much person B will receive.

            This is good as both a prevention tool and as Energy injecting tool for “Energy Regulators” (see other chapters on this, as it is not as bad as the name sounds). They can use it in the case of Negative Energy “outbreaks”, such as those which lead to wars and market crashes. By projecting this outbreak they can prevent it by reducing main means of Negative Energy travel. On the other side, they can induce Positive Energy by creating or making more accessible means of Positive Energy travel. Examples of means of extreme Negative Energy travel include guns, bombs, stock market, media. Examples of extreme Positive Energy travel include gifts, entertainment, money, stock market, media.

            Energy almost always has means to travel. Air is a means for Energy travel, so everywhere there is air, Energy can travel. So what can be regulated is by which mean it will travel. Energy has many different ways to transfer same Energy from source A to destination B. So, it is possible to increase, decrease or change means of travel, however at some point means are a choice of the originator. Originator of Positive/Negative Energy picks if he wants to transfer, for example Negative Energy, by yelling, showing something, punching, shooting. If originator has all of those means, what they choose depends on following factors in that order: a) on the level of Negative Energy they want to transmit b) on most available c) on their favorite means of transmitting Energy d) random. That means first their level will determine what they want, then they choose what is available (if they favorite is not available, they choose next available), then if multiple are available they choose their favorite, and if multiple are available and they do not have a favorite they choose at random. Very simple algorithm. Again, it is most common algorithm and of course, has exceptions. But it is can be used to calculate most likely outcome. And on a global scale should be pretty accurate.

            So, 2 main methods of controlling Positive/Negative Energy are self control, and control of means of Energy travel. They are not separate but obviously integrated. However, an outside source cannot control your self manipulation of Positive/Negative Energy, but can control the means of travel.





            Other chapters talked about Memory, but this chapter defines some interesting rules and concepts of Positive/Negative Energy related to Memory.

            Chain. Memories have chains. That is recalling one memory has an effect of recalling another one, which in turns recalls the other one and so on. Usually, if you are thinking about something you can trace it all the way back to a catalyst which started this chain of recollections. May be you looked at something and it reminded you of some event and this how chain started. Or may be you heard a song which reminded you of someone and that is how this chain started.

            According to rules above, each memory is an Information storage and it has Positive/Negative Energy. So each element of the chain has Positive/Negative Energy associated with it. All chain together has a total Positive/Negative Energy number. So, here is a rule:

“Same chain will always give same Positive/Negative Energy.”

            That is, if you come across same catalyst which will spark the exactly same memory, this memory will always have same chain with same Positive/Negative Energy result (with an “unless”, which will be discussed bellow). From example above: you heard a song on a radio, it reminded you of your girlfriend who you love, she reminds you of your favorite cartoon character, you remember you want to watch this cartoon, but you don’t’ have time because of work, oh I have to do something for work…This will give you same exact Positive/Negative Energy at the end every single time you come across same catalyst.

            Unless...Unless one or more elements of the chain will get remapped. And this is how this same chain becomes a new chain: Referring to an example above: for once you can actually watch this cartoon and so it will not result in “but you don’t’ have time because of work.” It can result in some other association leading to some other result. And here is how chain can turn Positive Energy into a Negative Energy: if you brake up with your girl, then this song will remind you of something Negative and this in turn can remind you of more negative things. Thus same catalyst now will result in Negative Energy where before it resulted in Positive Energy.

            Resulting Energy in a chain is not simply a sum of all Energies associated with each event. You can clearly see that last event you think of has more power then a first event that started that chain. So it becomes something like 1*x+2*y+3*z where x is a first thing you remember, y is an associated memory resulted from x, and z is a last resulting from y.

            Easiness of memory. “The easier Information is to remember, the more it multiplies return of Positive/Negative Energy”. Memory = α*Information. So, if something is easy to remember and easy to recall, then this Information will comes up more often.

            Information, such as songs, rhymes and so on, is most likely designed to be remembered. For example study of easiness of memory produced dashes in phone number. Number 6504945568 is harder to remember then (650)494-5568. Thus they have higher probability of being recalled. Thus they have higher probability of returning Positive/Negative Energy associated with any Information.





            Once upon a time townspeople discovered that their town had a big problem with birds. So one day they all decided to fix a problem and took sticks, or whatever could serve as one, and went up on their roofs to stop birds from landing. They always left someone on duty even overnight. Over time this problem was fixed and number of birds in a city reduced drastically… All of a sudden they were faced with huge pest problem because pests where bird’s main food.

            This is actually a true story, and it is told in schools to demonstrate that everything in nature is dependent on each other and has its own role.

            Positive/Negative Energy is a key element of nature’s circle and could not be taken out. Same as Force is needed to move, mechanical Energy is needed to even think and read this article, Positive/Negative Energy is needed to make almost any action. Positive/Negative Energy is a key originator and key in result of any action a body does. As it was shown in examples above it is a part of a chain. Take one element away from the chain and you won’t be able to have the same result; you won’t even be able to have the same state of things, as example with birds demonstrated.

            What is even worse about example with birds is that if taken to extreme, it leads to destroying the world as it exists right now. If we remove birds from the existence, it will affect almost everything we do. You can do a thought experiment and continue this chain and see why (it might take a long time ;)), but with respect to Positive/Negative Energy, by completely taking it away you won’t be able to do almost any function because any function needs a stimulus. It is not a poetic notion of “taking away color of life.” It is a very simple notion that to move an arm you need a stimulus. Without taking Positive/Negative Energy in, you won’t be able to get it out.

             Same is in increasing and decreasing amount of Positive/Negative Energy. As with an example above, it is not necessary to go all the way to see the results of interdependencies. With decrease of Positive/Negative Energy first clearly observable result is a decrease in that body’s mechanical energy (again, since movement must have an origin which Positive/Negative Energy is a part of). Also Positive/Negative Energy changes body itself. For example, a human who holds a lot of Positive Energy over time will have their facial features changed to be more “upright”. And a Negative person will have reflectively looking facial features too. Also, since Positive/Negative Energy affects a health state of a person, it improves or degrades their inner and outer body form. Those are just some examples of what depends on Positive/Negative Energy

            However, through direct or indirect connection whole world depends on every part of it including Positive/Negative Energy. So, through those connections, Positive/Negative Energy’s increase or decrease affects every single aspect of the world.  





            Information is proportional to Positive/Negative energy. Hence parents and grandparents, in most cases, have the biggest input on our reserve of Energy. What you release throughout your life has a high chance of tracing back to parents inputting it in you.

            Parents influence both amount of Energy and Frame of Reference. A thief, who does not think he is releasing Negative energy, because that is what his parents told him, is doubling dangerous. First of all, he has a “Frame of Reference abnormality”, which can be categorized as mental disease. Second of all, he releases Negative energy, which, as we know, is circulating. What is even worst, from his Frame of Reference he is releasing Positive energy, so that influence total balance even more. Everyone have a different Frame of Reference, but it is important that taking as whole it is not deviated by more then 50% from the normal. Everyone, including probably me ;), have their “way out of normal” behaviors. But taking it overall we have standards that to kill, to steal and so on is bad. And parents are the ones who set most of it.

            As we saw, a power of Energy in relation to time is a parabola: early childhood has more power, then weak middle, and than what you learned 1 minute ago has again strong power. (it’s a curve curved up) Often enough, by the way, those 2 strong points conflict with each other, i.e. what your parent’s taught you and information you acquired 1 minute ago. Because you acquire something new almost all the time, it is always counter stands against (or may be with, not necessarily against) what was stored as early as possible.

            Another quantitative influence of parents is closeness. One of the first points Circle Theory makes is that whoever is closer to you, can deposit the most into you (and receive from you too by the way). So, in most cases, parents are the closest body you have. By closest I mean not physically but influentially. Same exact Information, and thus Positive/Negative Energy, coming from your parents and from a person you don’t know gives you a different amount of energy.  

            Flow of Energy between you and your parents is both the easiest to track and the easiest to ignore. And in most cases, Return on Investment in increasing Positive Energy is the most in the Circle between you and your parents.  





            Meeting -> Sex -> Chemical process inside -> Child -> Life -> Meeting -> Sex.

            This is not only reproduction circle; this also is Information Passing Circle.

            We know there are exceptions from those rules, but they are so few that it would be unfair to the paper it printed on to explain them.

            So, at first, people meet and decide to have sex. This has already Positive, in most cases, Energy passing between two people. Usually sex is a result of known physics concept of Positive Feedback loop (A gave Positive Energy to B, B gave it A, A to B…)

Sex itself is also nothing but an Energy exchange. During sex an incredible thing happens: 3 major energies interact: Mechanical, Chemical and Positive/Negative. During sex all 3 are converting into each other. However this Energy is not destroyed or leaves the system. It gets encoded, as we know, in DNA and other means of passing information from parents to a child. Child is a completely separate body. And this completely separate body now has this information.

            Chemical process inside female does also a processing of Energy and information. This is how information gets encoded and passed in a first place.

            Then, during child’s life this energy comes to use. Think about DNA information and how it effects human’s behavior and even life style. For example healthy vs. unhealthy child vs. what kind of diseases a child has. That has a great influence on child’s life.

            Then Energy which grown up child gained plus energy which was stored in him/her comes up during a meeting with his/hers mate…which leads back to sex.

            So as you can see, the key is passing Energy/Information from parents to a child by encoding it on a chemical level. We are not talking here about how parents teach children and their interaction during their lives; this is a topic of a previous chapter. In here it’s a pure chemically passed Energy.

So this is one more Circle of Positive/Negative Energy.




Defense and Offense

            So how do you use Positive/Negative Energy as a defense or as an offense?

            Argument/Fight. So, let’s look at what does it actually mean to win an argument, or actually its easier to look at what it means to loose one. Argument here is fighting and not a debate.

Loosing an argument means that another person did not change their position and they think that they convinced you that their position is correct. A “tie” is usually when you both left with your original position. Wining a fight means other person recognized your position and agreed to it. Now, let’s look at realistic percentage numbers again. Almost no one admits to loosing an argument, at least during an argument itself.

So using Positive/Negative Energy you can defend your position from a “not to loose” point of view. What fight (verbal fight) means is that another person by using auditory senses is sending you Negative Energy. As we saw, sending Negative Energy back will create a Positive Feedback (A ignites B, B ignites A, which in turn ignites B, etc…).

So, you best defense is actually throw back Positive Energy. In that case you won’t be able to loose a fight, as Negative Energy from another person won’t make you change. So it is at least a tie. Moreover, throwing Positive back may actually start a Positive Feedback but now with Positive Energy. In that case you will win because you will force your position on your opponent.  

Given all that, it is very hard in practice to throw Positive Energy back when constantly receiving Negative. However, all you need is to throw +1 more Positive then Negative and by rules above it will already offset the balance and has a potential of building Positive on top of that.

If it is too hard to throw Positive back, there is also a way of “eating it up”. That is taking Negative and just not re-releasing it. Thus stopping a cycle and preventing build up. This is an easier method to do, but has a potential of giving other person impression of wining a fight. Which is again might be ok, unless it is a person who you see a lot, because in this case this will give them will to release more Negative Energy.


“Close” person, “one-time” person. So, let’s take a look at “close” person vs. “one-time” person. There are different objectives. If a close to you person is a source of most of your Negative energy, then your goal is: minimize it long term. If a random person, that you see only one time, does something bad to you, your goal is: minimize it short term.

Most of you have this one person who is a source of most of your negativity. Moreover, in most cases this person is someone close to you. This is a generalization, but if we play percentage game, it is a pretty good one. So your objective is to minimize negativity which is coming from that person to you.

A close person, who is the main source of your Negative energy, is probably someone like your boss or your significant other. They also may very well be the biggest source of your Positive Energy also.

First of all, that person is not necessary your enemy. By definition of “close” person you spent a lot of time with that person and thus a sheer amount of Negative Energy that person gives you is huge. Minimizing it should significantly improve your life. Let’s be honest that all people who are close to you give you Negative Energy at some point. And the fact that they matter to you the most is making that Energy produce a greater amount. As it was mentioned above, hearing same offense from a person you never saw and from someone close to you is not the same. Auditory signal received is the same, but amount of Positive/Negative Energy is different.

So if this person comes to you with an offense in terms of Negative Energy, it is best to prevent long term effect. As we saw above, your best bet is to reply with Positive and your medium bet is to take Negative and hold it in you. Keep in mind that this will, most likely, not stop them completely from giving you Negative Energy, but should minimize it. So your goal for this type of person is to minimize it long term.

It is important to distinguish impact of Positive/Negative Energy of that “close” person and a “one time person”. A “One Time Person” is a person you meet for the first time and probably have a chance of never seeing that person again.

Your goal in this situation is to minimize Negative Energy short term.

First of all, let’s just mention that there is still a benefit of doing something long term here. That “one-time” person will go on and will spread Energy you will give him around. So you are still impacting environment. What is different is a likelihood of this Energy ever coming back to you. But it still makes an impact.

Second of all, your goal in this situation is to stop that person from releasing Negative Energy immediately. Moreover, if it is a person you see for the first time and may never see again, a fact that he might feel that he won an argument/fight after the fact, is almost meaningless.

Logically that means that there is no point of releasing Negative back. It is useless. With one small exception: if you are trying all other ways and amount of Negative continues going. You might feel that this is the most common case, however after another look it is easy to see that most people start with stopping Negative with Negative rather then using it as a last resort when other means do not work. And other means, as shown above, are more effective. If you start with the easiest: stopping Negative with ignorance (“eat it up”), then stopping Negative with Positive, you may be able to see that there will be only few cases which go beyond this point and in this case it might be necessary to stop Negative with Negative.

And one side point not really related to the theory: you don’t know how many nuts people are out there. Negative is what most often brings up their “nuts”. A winning argument over a person you’ll never see again may not do you that much good, however a consequences of encountering “nuts” might be high.

So, the best defense is, in that order: Neutral, Positive, Negative. Best offense is Positive, Positive, and Positive.



History of Positive/Negative Energy

            Psychohistory is a fictional(?) science invented by Isaac Asimov. It is the history combined with the mathematic. Main usage of it is to accurately predict history based on mathematical modeling by modeling past/known history.

            That science might be a science fiction, but it is possible to

a)      Estimate history of Positive/Negative Energy and

b)      Model future based on observed patterns.

Call it Energy Archeology if you will. Similar to scientist estimating history of gravity on Earth or other physical forms over time, it is possible to see how Positive/Negative Energy changed over a period of time.

            When we graph this change, it should be graphed not only over time but also over time by nation/civilizations. Because, for example, in ancient times there were civilizations fairly disconnected from each other and having little/no influence on one another. That is why their Positive/Negative Energy progress over time may be graphed independently.

            Main source from which it can be deduced is human history itself and archeological artifacts.

            You remember that all objects carry Positive/Negative Energy. This is even truer about man made objects. Reminder example: a book, that someone wrote, reflects author’s positivity/negativity; a pottery someone created reflects author’s positivity/negativity and so on. So those artifacts, when taking as whole, reflect pretty accurate picture of a state of medium Positive/Negative Energy number of civilizations where they were found. As a direct analogy/relation to Positive/Negative Energy, individual artifacts mostly reflect only one person’s state, but taking enough of them represents a state of a whole civilization.

There are enough artifacts to see what each generation produced. You can see, for example how much darkness, deaths, and negative outcomes are present in 19th century literature for example compared to first part of 20th century. Keep in mind here that we are talking about global, much generalized, concepts here, because of course there was a good number of bright, humorous literature at 19th century and dark in 20th. Also note that it is relative to something, because those concepts are relative.   

            Historians learn history, which is: what has happened in the past, from archeological findings. However that leaves an important supplement, which in turn also can explain history itself – the Positive/Negative Energy that was accompanying those historic events. As we saw, excess of Positive or Negative Energy on a global level leads to nation changing processes. Similarly nation changing processes lead to huge swings in Positive/Negative Energy. All of that is encoded into artifacts left to us by previous generations.   

            An easy example/proof is that arts reflect times/nations in which they are produced. Moreover looking back times/nations are judged and analyzed by those artifacts.

            And then there is a history itself. As we saw, an absolute precondition for major events, such was war, is Negative or Positive Energy going over the limit. So from historical events it is easy to map an estimate of a level of Negative or Positive Energy at that time.

            A very naïve graph would just map periods of war and peace. Most of the history books are written almost exclusively talking about those two states. Of course it is a curve around war time as Positive/Negative Energy does not immediately rise with a war and fall with its ending. Also this is easy to graph because a war cannot happened if Negative Energy level is low.

            Then other simple events can be added such as market crashes, depressions, and other major negative events which historians consider to be the history. Much less records of ancient times, however, exist about when nations experienced peace time and prosperity, but it is not hard to deduce them and also it is possible to use literature and art of that time to determine state of positive of a nation.


            An obvious pattern we already see from history is that a total time/number of war on a planet is decreasing and total time/number of peace is increasing. A dominant historical view is that this is mostly due to a fact that a period of survival/dividing of the land is coming to an end and education/civilization greatly increasing. By doing a parallel map of states of war/peace and Positive/Negative Energy, it should show that, similar to war decreasing and peace increasing, total Negative Energy is decreasing and total Positive Energy is increasing.

            But this is a very simple pattern. There are much more useful patterns of Positive/Negative Energy vs. History map. You can see regions, neighboring regions and how change in Positive/Negative Energy becomes a catalyst for a historical event at a location connected to a Positive/Negative Energy source. More data is mapped, more accurately you would be able to see this.


            This can be used to predict future historical events pretty accurately. Having a Positive/Negative Energy barometer would help predict a historical event to an area connected to a source of origin. It is very very similar to weather forecast. And since there are way too many variables, probably with a same accuracy ;) However, a chance that there will be no predictable patterns on a graph of history of Positive/Negative energy is much smaller then a chance of those patterns being there. That is why Positive/Negative Energy is a very good tool in doing a “psychohistory” – predicting historical events.




Non-human bodies

            Fortunately/Unfortunately title of this chapter is not about a scary movie or a hard rock band. It is not even about green aliens, even though in this case theory will apply to them.

All throughout this book we talked about Positive/Negative Energy laws operating on “bodies”, but never defined it. The main difference between body and an object is that body is “living”. However, this definition can be ambiguities.

            Fauna (animals). All the laws and definitions about Positive/Negative Energy also apply to animals. The reason for that is that animals have all the necessary parts for processing, generating and modifying Positive/Negative Energy. It is not a coincidence that humans are also classified as animals. This is mainly because their physiology is the same. All animals have senses – key in the Circle Theory. All animals have nerve system. All animals have brains. All animals can interpret Information. All animals have Perception.

            Moreover, all experiments that were mentioned can be done on animals also. Giving a Negative Energy, for example, to one animal by of kicking it, has a high probability this animal will release this same Negative Energy onto another animal. Giving an animal a Positive incentive, before giving them an unfamiliar object, has a high probability in resulting that animal will be more receptive to that new object. And we can easily observe every day how animals that are confined to closed environments with other animals exchange Positive/Negative Energy and overtime develop a Positive/Negative Energy field.

            Where animals go further then humans is in internal transfer of Information, i.e. Positive/Negative Energy. Animals, much more then humans, rely on their instincts they are born with. Science experiments showed animals having greater number of those born instincts then humans. It is also much more likely for an animal who had parents with Negative Energy to be more negative (and vice versa) then humans.

            So because of similarity in physiology and every single part which is need for Positive/Negative Energy processing being present in animals, every single word about Positive/Negative Energy applies equally to animals.

            Flora (plants/flowers). Philosophy can debate about weather plants and flowers are living organisms. Physics can debate about weather plants and flowers are living organisms. As far as the Circle Theory is concerned – we don’t care.

            From a Positive/Negative Energy point of view plants have senses so they can receive Positive/Negative Energy, but they do not have nervous system and processing unit, so they cannot generate or convert Positive/Negative Energy. That makes them exactly as “objects” and not “bodies” in the Circle Theory.

            From Positive/Negative Energy point of view there is not difference between a brick and a plant.

            They can store Information and thus store Positive/Negative Energy. They can be a source of aesthetic please and thus be a giver of Positive/Negative Energy. However, once received Positive/Negative Energy they have no means to process it. They have no Frame of Reference. They have no mechanism to interpret given Information. They can only store it. Thus they are treated by all laws of “objects” and not laws of “bodies”.

            Other bodies. There are many other forms of life: cells, insects, and even possibly water. The way you distinguish between those which are “objects” and those which are “bodies”, as far as the Circle Theory concerned, is that objects do not have means of “interpretation” of senses, while “bodies” do. More precisely, “objects” do not have nerve system + brain, while “bodies” do.

            The main difference between an “object” and a “body” is that object is a passive receptor of Positive/Negative Energy while body is active.


One final thought: “Releasing and taking Energy is what is called life





Energy and Medicine

            Active Positive/Negative Energy does not exist without a body. However Potential Positive/Negative Energy does exist in every object, but only living bodies are able to make it active and convert between other forms of energy and Positive/Negative Energy.  

            One of the goals of Positive/Negative Energy is to be a step into reducing/eliminating fatality. And medicine is a key element here. Every single person ever died because of body’s malfunction and not any single other cause.

            Medicine and Positive/Negative Energy have a close relationship. Their relationship is a circle (a reoccurring theme ;) ). Since body is an Environment for Positive/Negative Energy body influences Energy a lot. And since Positive/Negative Energy is stored in the body, it, in turn, influences back the body itself.  

As we saw, if body is not functioning right, then Negative Energy will increase. Body also serves as a Frame of Reference, so body’s ability to interpret energy depends on its health. In general state of body is mostly what determines state of Positive/Negative Energy. That is why doctors not only fix the body, but they also fix a Positive/Negative Energy state.

            On the other hand, Positive/Negative Energy can be used as a tool in medicine to cure many deceases. As both psychological and physical. It is a well known fact that mind influences the body. For example if you have a pain, it does not matter how big this pain is, it is possible for brain just to shut it down. Even without knowing about Positive/Negative Energy, most of the hospitals are trying to make incoming Information/Energy into a patient Positive. In this case it’s not just a philosophical combing a person down, it is a tangible medicine that does improve a person’s health state. Many drugs are designed to do that artificially, by the way. So use of Positive/Negative Energy is almost a necessary compliment to any medical treatment.

            Thus, another way of looking at medicine: its only goal is to stabilize Positive/Negative Energy. Because health state and Positive/Negative state are dependent on each other, movement in one will result in movement in another. So, this is a proof of two of the goals of Circle Theory – to reduce number of fatalities and to improve general health of population. 




            Wikipedia: “Perception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) is the process by which an organism attains awareness or understanding of its environment by organizing and interpreting sensory information.” Sounds familiar? Interpreting, Senses, Organism? This is exactly Positive/Negative Energy if you think about it (with a caveat, read bellow).

All which applies to Perception applies to Positive/Negative Energy. Also, if you recall Positive/Negative Energy is proportionate to Information. And now, Positive/Negative Energy is proportionate to Perception. That draws an obvious conclusion that Information is proportionate to Perception, or, in other words, Information is proportionate to Perception.

Everything (!) has a Frame of Reference. When we encounter information it is always interpreted a certain way and it is always a perception from one person’s point of view. Thus Positive/Negative Energy is quantitizing and giving a definition to this phenomenon. Moreover, it gives us a way to control it.

Here is a caveat: if you think about it twice, all of concepts in physics are perceptions. Time is nothing but a human definition. We as humans defined what time is. Light is a human definition and is a definition in terms of sensory information. It is our sight which allows us to define light. Moreover, a sight by itself does not give us light. It is a sight + brain’s perception of interpreting this information. So as all other physics concepts.

So as all objects. Object is nothing more or less then a combination of 5 senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and may be hearing. Our senses do not give us objects. Senses by themselves almost useless. It is an ability to process those senses in the brain that creates an object in our understanding. This is proven by medical patients, with brain injuries. They still are able to receive senses, but cannot interpret them. Thus all objects are perceptions. They fully rely on your ability to process information in the brain correctly.

This answers a question of “Does Positive/Negative energy exists or it’s just a made up concept?” It is a pure perception.

This also answers a question “How can Positive/Negative Energy exist if everyone has their own Frame of Reference (way of interpreting things)?” Everyone has their own Frame of Reference for everything, absolutely


Wikipedia: “Perception is not the passive receipt of these signals, but can be shaped by learning, memory and expectation” That actually saying 2 things relevant to the Circle Theory.

It is saying that those signals can be manipulated and thus Positive/Negative Energy can be manipulated. If Positive/Negative Energy would be just a definition we made up, it will not be very useful. However it can be controlled, trained and adjusted. Our brains/nervous systems are capable not only of turning senses into brain perception but also of generating them. We are able to take other forms of energy and process them to generate Positive/Negative energy. So, first point is that our brains are capable of generating Positive/Negative energy. And second point is that we are able to train ourselves to adjust sensory information processing and hence adjust Positive/Negative Energy.


Wikipedia: “Perception depends on complex functions of the nervous system, but subjectively seems mostly effortless because this processing happens outside conscious awareness.” And again 2 points ;) First one is that perception ( equals everything we see, hear, touch, smell ) is function of nervous system, and nervous system is exactly how we know something is positive or negative. Thus all perception must have Positive/Negative Energy. Second addresses the fact that we are processing Information ( equals to receiving Positive/Negative Energy) 24/7 and do not seem to do much effort. That is the Field of Positive/Negative Energy which is constantly around us.


Wikipedia: “Perception is sometimes described as the process of constructing mental representations of distal stimuli using the information available in proximal stimuli.” This relates most of our concepts in one sentence. Information becomes stimuli (or stimuli becomes Information) and that directly results in perception, and part of every single perception is positivity or negativity does not matter how small it is. So that creates a following proportion: Information is proportional to the Sum of Stimuli which is proportional to the Perception which is proportional to Positive/Negative Energy. That means increase in one increases the other. Thus, any one of these can be controlled by changing any one of these.


Wikipedia: “Ambiguous figures demonstrate that a single stimulus can result in more than one percept; for example the Rubin Vase which can be interpreted either as a vase or as two faces.” Wait, does this then contradict a proportion described in a previous paragraph? Not at all, this actually proves another concept we are talking about: Frame of Reference. Frame of Reference is not a constant per person and can be changed. This is a good example when a single image can be looked at and different images can be seen depending on how you interpret it (i.e. depending on how you adjust your Frame of Reference) This is not different from classical Frame of Reference example, already mentioned: what speed does a person standing inside a moving train sees vs. what speed of that person is someone watching a train from a platform sees. Only in our case instead of physical quantity speed we have physical quantity Positive/Negative Energy and its Perception.


Wikipedia: “The oldest quantitative law in psychology is the Weber-Fechner law, which quantifies the relationship between the intensity of physical stimuli and their perceptual effects (for example, testing how much darker a computer screen can get before the viewer actually notices)” This is a key to the whole Circle Theory. That gives a scientific background to the fact that Positive/Negative Energy has an amount and not only a sign. We can quantitatively describe how much Positive/Negative Energy we are receiving or transmitting. Moreover, since we already know that Sum of Stimuli is proportionate to Positive/Negative Energy, we can calculate an amount (but not a sign) of Positive/Negative Energy by simply measuring Stimuli.


Wikipedia: “A common finding across many different kinds of perception is that the perceived qualities of an object can be affected by the qualities of context. If one object is extreme on some dimension, then neighboring objects are perceived as further away from that extreme.. The contrast effect was noted by the 17th Century philosopher John Locke, who observed that lukewarm water can feel hot or cold, depending on whether the hand touching it was previously in hot or cold water.. Positivity and Negativity by definition is being relevant to something, so this is well accounted for in science. Also that shows that there is a commonality even if two views perceive it differently.

Example given in Wikipedia is actually a good one: an orange square is pictured on a red background, and same orange square is pictured on a yellow background. By looking at two pictures you will never guess that squares inside are of the same color. So the way we perceive is relevant to surroundings, however by removing surrounding and isolating exact input we can have a common across the spectrum. Keep in mind that in our case Positive or Negative is what one perceives as Positive or Negative.


Wikipedia: “A perceptual set, also called perceptual expectancy or just set is a predisposition to perceive things in a certain way…In one experiment, students were allocated to pleasant or unpleasant tasks by a computer. They were told that either a number or a letter would flash on the screen to say whether they were going to taste an orange juice drink or an unpleasant-tasting health drink. In fact, an ambiguous figure was flashed on screen, which could either be read as the letter B or the number 13. When the letters were associated with the pleasant task, subjects were more likely to perceive a letter B, and when letters were associated with the unpleasant task they tended to perceive a number 13.”

Now this is just plainly stating the Circle Theory. Moreover it is almost an exact experiment we defined previously to prove Positive/Negative Energy. What this experiment shows is that storing Negative will lead to perception of Negative Energy and storing Positive Energy will lead to perception of Positive. Positivity or Negativity is only one of the presets that person has when evaluating new information. Other experiments address other presets one has when evaluating new information. For example: “When someone has a reputation for being funny, an audience are more likely to find them amusing” or “people with an aggressive personality are quicker to correctly identify aggressive words or situations.” However, first experiment shows that mechanics of Positive/Negative Energy were long known and there were scientific experiments done, all that was missing was a definition.



Where does it start?

            Let’s start from an obvious suspect: an infant ;) … and work our way back.

            Babies definitely already have Positive /Negative energy. They can respond to basic information via laughing or crying and they can send out Negative/Positive energy to others.

            Fetus can definitely send Positive /Negative energy, for example by kicking, but it is not known if it can receive it.

            We can take this argument even further even though then it becomes ambiguous and not very well researched. May be an act of sex, from which a new life results, stores some kind of Positive/Negative energy? We know that information is transferred from parents to babies, for example as DNA. From previous chapters we also know that information carries Positive/Negative or neutral charge. So there can be an argument that parents transfer original Positive/Negative energy to their children via sex.

            So, where does it start? It does not “start”, it is a part of a Cycle, an infinite Cycle, which fits very well with the Circle Theory.




What is it not?

            It is not a philosophy theory. It has nothing to do with philosophy. It does not talk about abstract ambiguous concepts.

            It is not something you can believe or not believe in. You can’t believe in gravity or in a fact that an area of a triangle=1/2base*height (actually some scientist object to both of those)

            It is not an attempt at creating a cult which follows certain rules. “Everyone gather for a mass good energy giving ceremony.”

            It is not a substitute for any kind of spiritual entity. It is not yoga, meditation or shopping.

            It is not something which has a leader, under him other bureaucrats, something that splits into different movements with their own leaders each arguing how to best follow original source and interpreting everything their own way.

            It is something where What is much more important then How.




Who has the most power?

Media. Media has the most power. It is just plain numbers. Even if media transmits +1 it will be multiplied by millions of viewers/listeners/readers who receive it. It is true though that your close friend impacts you with +100 or -100, so however is closer to you has the greater point output.

From that follows that media also has more responsibility. It is a known fact that amount of negative news broadcasted in United States is unbelievably high compare to, for example, Canada. And crime rate in United States much higher then in Canada. There are articles which study that correlation in details. It does not mean that news stations should hide information from users, but negative and positive events happen throughout the day, and in United States a negative event considered in general more important then a positive one of the same value.

This theory is not without paradoxes. From that logic follows that China’s national sport team should always win ;) since it is more positive for more people, and by the numbers world will be greater if team China wins every match ;)

However, you would be amazed how many people, who have impact on large audiences, such as music artists for example, are very ignorant of that fact. Every day, they, with their work fluctuate negative and positive barometer of a significant amount of people.

There is a subquestion: “Who has most power over me?” Here mostly 2 major factors play role: how close is X to you, and time. It is not a secret that values which you learn as a child, while developing, are stronger then values you learn later in life. Its not that they can’t be replaced, but they are stronger. Your parents have probably the strongest influence on you. When you grow up they store so much positive and/or negative energy in you, that it might take you whole life to use a half of it. Timing is also not a straight line, it’s a parabola curve. Early childhood has more power then later development and whatever was stored 1 minute ago has more power then whatever was stored 1 year ago (we already saw that this is because entropy is weakest at that point).

Second factor is how close a person X, who gives you energy, is. A total stranger doing same action towards you, in most cases, will give you less energy then a person who is close to you. Again, energy given by stranger A and a close person B are the same, It is just what you receive is different.

So, it is more complicated but in basic terms, power is: Time(parable)*Distance(how close is X to you).

Lets get back to a global level. Who has more power then media? Political powers. Media is a messenger. It does have a right to present information a certain way and choose what information gets presented, however it rarely generates that information. The most used source is political powers. They make decisions which impacts large population and infuse amounts of negative and positive energy.

Conclusion is that yet another practical use of the Circle Theory is that politicians and media should use negative and positive energy measurement as a tool, and should be responsible for consequences of increase or decrease of energy state.




Who has the least power?

Those who are unaware of flow of Energy have the least power. They become puppets and good or bad is happening “to them”. They are not sure about the source of their problems and are not capable of making themselves better.

They cannot influence others. They throw Negative energy back when they receive Negative, thus often making situation worse. If they want Positive, they go searching and asking for it, instead of making it.

For example: if their loved one is angry at them and say something bad, they reply with bad, when in actuality the their goal is to a) stop that person from saying bad things and b) make them aware that they were wrong. In both a) and b) throwing Negative back is counterproductive. This is just one example, but it illustrates somewhat of a linguistical paradox: Positive Feedback of Negative Energy.

Not being able to control, even somewhat, flow of Positive/Negative Energy is also dangerous. Because then things like, again, Positive Feedback (A ignites B, B ignites A, A ignites B…) happen and it is actually very dangerous. It can lead to serious consequences like mental health change/ suicides, hard crimes and so on.

To an argument “but nobody heard of this Positive/Negative energy and most, including myself, are still fine”, reply is: “you do control it, you just not doing it mathematically and without a scientific base or method.”

We all aware that giving someone flowers before asking them to wash your car, highly increases chances of later happening ;) However all of this is based on two very good, but not calculatable reasons: previous experiences and common sense.

It is somewhat similar to trying to be on a diet and eating less without counting calories. It is definitely possible to simply eat less without counting and loose weight this way, however it is much easier to do same thing by limiting yourself by a certain number. Similar logic is true for Positive/Negative Energy: a child knows that it is good to do good and bad to do bad. However by counting how much Positive and Negative flows through you, you can improve environment much better.



Who is the source of my problems?

It is not you. Surprisingly enough. Other people are source of your problems. But YOU are the source of theirs.

Source of most of the negative which you receive are other people. They intentionally or unintentionally insult you, they intentionally or unintentionally yell at you, they intentionally or unintentionally do unfair actions towards you.

Guess what? You are the source of their negative energy. At the end of the day you can count how many times you became a source of someone receiving negative energy. In some cases you intended to do this and in most of those cases you probably did not intend to do this; that is why you count negative energy received by other people from you, and not how much you gave away.

 Causes of this can be ignorance towards Energy you emit and even more ignorance towards Energy others receive from you.

Another common cause is difference in values (Frame of Reference in physics): something which you thought was ok (+10) may be received as being offensive (-10) by others. There can be many causes of this, so it is important to track an outgoing energy from you as well as incoming energy to others.

An obvious conclusion from that is that there is a Cycle where everyone is cause of everyone else’s problems. This is where control of energy (see chapter on that) comes into play.

Next time you get some negative experience from other person which makes you extremely angry at them, think about if you gave away to someone that much negative energy also. And do not hide behind “well, it was different”. Yes, forms of negative energy are infinite, but negative sign is the same.



Plan of Attack

            This chapter is highly subjective. It represents an opinion, one of many possible on that subject. However it suggests one of many possible ways of implementing this theory. Without implementation this theory it is a demagogy.

Phase 1: Personal

Stage 1: Simply being aware that Positive and Negative energy exists.

            It does sound like Alcoholics Anonymous, but it is a very important and the simplest step.

            It is very easy to start noticing obvious examples of Positive Negative energy around you. Just start noticing big one’s and you’ll see that there are a lot of them every day. Once you notice what they are you might see some correlation of when and how they occur.

            Simply doing this step should have a huge impact on you. An analogy would be when people in early prehistory were not aware that uncontrollable eating could produce great health risks. Simply knowing that this is true, right now, is keeping billions of people alive, let alone healthy. So just being aware of Positive/Negative Energy you interact with, should greatly improve your every day life, let alone health. That would prevent your from going over and releasing Negative when you not intend to and recognizing when to achieve your objective by releasing Positive on someone.   

            Once you’ll get used it, it will become a second nature. It will be like driving a car and not paying attention all the time to the lanes on the road. At the beginning, when you learn how to drive, you are concentrating on making sure you are staying within the lanes. However after years of driving you stop paying that much attention to them, nevertheless you are still aware of them. Same with Positive/Negative Energy, at first you need to concentrate on every occurrence and try to interpret what it means. But, once you get used to it, you will not pay that much attention, however you will still be aware of it in order to understand what is going on around you.

            Stage2: Actions. First stage was seeing, second stage is doing.

Start sending Positive Energy to see its impact. May be send a little, very little, Negative Energy just to see its impact also. It is actually easier to see Negative impact.

            Key to this stage: start observing. Now that you are an originator of Energy you can make intelligent experiments. Send X energy; see its impact, adjust X energy to X+1 or X-1; send energy again. You know by now key factors to adjust: strength with which it is sent, amount which is sent, environment, timing, closeness of target to yourself, direction, amount of targets receiving what you sent, form in which energy is sent,. There are way too many combinations to vary all those dimensions, that is why Positive/Negative Energy is a field.

So just try to set a result you want to achieve and then vary some/all above to get closer to your result. Usually if you send X and receive Y, you will get a feeling for which one of those factors are need to be adjusted.

            Here is an example trying to prove that 10+10 Positive is usually better then sending +20 positive. Example: You have 2 good news for someone. You have a choice of telling them 2 news at the same time, or telling 1 now and telling 1 tomorrow. According to logic above, correct choice is telling 1 now and telling 1 tomorrow. Reasoning is this: all people have a limit of how much Positive and how much negative they hold (this is Environment from above). So if a limit is 15, then your 10+10 will be 15 and also will create an unused excess. Moreover there is Entropy. So sending 10 now, waiting some time, and then sending 10, will result in a better condition after same amount time as sending 20 and waiting. Of course there are many assumptions about all other factors above: like recipient, environment and so on. And also it assumes that those 2 events happen in almost a vacuum; that is, no other major inputs of Negative or Positive energy happened between first 10 and last 10. However in general, in most of the cases, this is a very good and easy way to try theory in practice.

            You have to start sending and receiving Positive/Negative Energy at some point, otherwise your knowledge of its existence will be of little use. Just start and you will see how easy some of it is ;)  

            Stage 3: Control. You want to achieve what you want 9 out of 10 times and not just 1 out of 10.

            Almost anyone can dribble a basketball and throw the ball up, but it takes skills and control to play it in a game, and it takes skills, control and strategy to play it in NBA on professional level. Another good analogy is knowing words and letters in a language and be able to speak that people sometimes understand what you are saying, but not be able to do it properly.

            There are rules, or more correctly, guidelines. One example we saw above with 10+10 being not equal to +20. But it will be true in most cases but not all cases, so it is a guideline. Mastering those rules will give an ability to control Positive/Negative Energy and its flow.

            One strategic rule is: if you can’t stop Negative, start with sure-thing easy Positive. For example: you have a row of negative which is happening to you and you are trying to break it with positive, but it just does not work. The way to get out of it is to do something small, easy and a sure-thing. It might be a dumb example but clean up your room; it is hard to screw it up or get negative out of it. Upon completion of this task you will have a Positive result: that now your room is clean and that you accomplished what you wanted to do and something went right for you. Sometimes one is all it takes, but usually it takes couple of small ones to “get you back in the game”. So doing a sure-thing easy positive might be a good break which will change flow from negative.

            Another strategic rule might be: don’t let an opportunity to do something good to another go by. Sounds very demagogical and behavioral. However, if that can be supported with scientific evidence, it may become a very nice tool. So, from a Positive/Negative Energy stand point: When you deposit Positive Energy into someone, by the rule of percentages, we can see that probability of getting it back to you is more then 50%. So, if you randomly start “depositing” Positive Energy into people around you and even not around you, you will raise a Positive field. This will act as your bank or storage. As we know there is a limit on how much a person can hold of Positive or Negative Energy. However there are also bodies and objects around you into which you can deposit Energy. That has a double benefit: it allows you to store Energy not only in yourself, and also it tips an Energy field around you in your favor.

Phase 2: Community 

            “A man walking on a beach saw thousands of jelly fish washed up on shore after a storm. Then he saw a little girl desperately throwing them back into a sea one by one. ‘You cannot save them all. It does not matter now.’ a man told a girl. ‘It matters for this one’ answered a girl throwing a jelly fish back to the sea. ‘It matters for this one,’ she said throwing another.”

            A moral for Phase 2 is a total opposite of this story. As much as world needs people making it better one person at a time, global problems, listed above, will be hard to solve with individual contributions only. One person carrying for the environment will do little to actually save it.

            We want to raise global level, not only our own. Keep in mind that any person has a probability of affecting any other person. That probability grows and decreases with distance and other factors, but still amount of people who can and will have influence on your Positive/Negative Energy is enormous. Just count how many people affect your state during one day. Count those who do it directly and those do it indirectly. Now count how many people affect your state in a course of the year. Global level of Positive/Negative Energy matters to you a lot. It matters to everyone.   

            Stage 1: A Circle.

            One way is to start with a circle of people all wanting to be generators of Positive Energy. As you saw above, because of a dependency, two people managing Positive/Negative Energy are a system, which is equal to more then the sum of its parts. By increasing number in a Circle of people, who are communicating with each other and use Positive Energy, you start to make a larger and larger influence not only on your local environment, but also on an external Environment. This is true because Energy, which is generated within your Circle, unless you are in absolutely closed confinement, is “leaking” outside to the rest of the world. Hence the more Energy is generated within, the more is “leaked” out.

            Why it might be a good idea to increase Circle in small numbers? It is because each new member affects the total system within. Thus Circle of 9 with Positive, after bringing 1 with Negative will usually overcome this 1 and “revert” his inner system to sync with the other 9. Thus, if 9 are generating Positive and new 1 is generating Negative it is easier to overcome and “revert” his system.. This is ok with 9 against 1, but can be tough if Circle is 9 and it brings 9 new ones. Of course it is all relative, and thus 1 can be stronger then 9, or just have strong defense system that blocks external Energy. However, Circle needs to grow, and not only in numbers but also in Positive energy production to achieve global goals.     

            Stage 2: Organizations. Already established organizations need to start to adapt Positive/Negative Energy techniques and management.

            This is where your control stops. Up until this point you, as an individual, could do each stage. This stage, however, cannot be done by you and it is out of your control. That does not mean, though, that you cannot participate or even lead this stage.

            Whatever was listed as practical applications of knowing what Positive/Negative Energy is and how to manage it is exactly what organizations need to adapt. This step should be incredibly easy since whole point of knowledge about Positive/Negative Energy is to make people’s lives better. What that means is that those who know how to manage it have advantage over those who don’t. And however it is important on an individual level, where you start to really see it in action and start seeing calculatable benefits is at organization level.

            a) Not the sexiest, but probably most practical example is that an organization can use Positive/Negative Energy techniques in negotiations. We saw how inducing Positive Energy before negotiation can tip a middle point in your favor. Again, the concept is not new, however managing it with scientific precision obviously leads to more “wins” you achieve.

            This knowledge can also be used in employee management. An idiot understands that an employee who is positive will work better then employee who brings negativity. And as we saw, in a flow of Energy there is a good chance that energy of an employee will translate into energy of final product, especially when you are dealing with anything creative (and almost all jobs do). And again, by the same flow of Energy, a buyer will most likely to buy a product which has more Positive Energy then Negative given 2 similar products. Thus employee’s energy directly translates into buyer choosing your product.

            Another obvious “side effect” is that any employee team is nothing but a Circle discussed above. And team management is a key to any organization. Considering number of hours spent with your work team, in most cases it is much much more then with your family. What that will tell you that your work team can be the main source of your state. And your total state of that team at any given point of time is what is important here for you personally and for organization.

Thus any business which is using Positive/Negative techniques will have an advantage.

b) Government organizations are where it counts the most. Using Positive/Negative Energy rules during creating/adjusting laws is what makes scale very global. What this step requires is that all decisions follow the rule: “Minimize Negative and maximize Positive.”

            Decisions made by government agencies affect a lot of people. You would think that it will be obvious that the only goal of decision makers is to minimize Negative and maximize Positive. However, in most of decision making it is not logic and not rules that pay deciding roles.

            Obvious benefit, even for agencies themselves, is that an adaption of this rule, by laws of Positive/Negative Energy (and common sense), lead to more satisfaction with this agencies workings. Key here is that most government officials who lead those offices are elected and not hired. That means that their job is directly dependent on an amount of Positive Energy in people who affected by their decisions.

            The other benefit is that people, who suffer every day from government agencies decisions, should suffer less; which means rising of global Positive Energy; which means preventing whole bunch of health issues and saving lives in total count. You probably can find a number of examples when just in a past year you suffered from decisions by those agencies, local and state/federal government.

            The reason Positive/Negative Energy even plays a role, and huge one, is that if there is a need to make a decision that means there is a conflict. And sometimes decision going one way will be good for group A, but bad for group B. And decision going the other way will be good group B, but bad for group A. It is important to mention that often enough there are win-win situations or at least not loose-not loose situation, but they do require more effort to come up with them. So a single decision is a complex field where there are numerous groups involved. So, a good decision will be one where you find a spot in that field which will give you best total number of Positive + Negative Energy. In practice it is little bit complicated then just math, but concept is very simple.

            This talks, by the way, only about local government agencies, and not yet about the level of Parliament and Presidents.

            c) Community organizations. This is your YMCA’s, Parent’s associations and so on.

            This may sound strange since those organizations should by definition provide only Positive Energy. However it is important not to forget that Energy has a flow, it goes in Circles, and it is not just yes or no. It has a whole range from negative infinity to positive infinity. So where rules/guidelines of Positive/Negative Energy come in is in calculating when and calculating how.

            It is true that those agencies suppose to let only Positive Energy out. However, they also responsible for level of communities Positive Energy. And, as above, you also probably can find examples of when those organizations gave something Negative even to you. A good management on their side is important.

            Those organizations are what ideally should become guards and enforcers of the Energy. They should monitor and adjust level of Positive/Negative Energy in a community depending on its need. If police officers suppose to guard and enforce laws, and yes I know almost all of you object to how they do it ;), community organizations should become similarly Energy enforcers. That is not to force Positive on people, but to see were balance is tipping off and by their actions adjust it. Keep in mind that they guard not personal levels but community levels of Energy.

            If existing community organizations don’t do that, then a new organization should come into existence and overtake those duties.


Phase 3: Global

            Stage 1: Media.

            All revolutions involve media. Most revolutions start with it. Media is how you know what is actually going on in a world. Assume for a second that media does not tell the truth; then there might be a king ruling over United States, there might be a secret society which gets half of your tax money, there might be a peace everywhere on earth and all you hear is just a movie writer’s plots. Media tells you that it is not so, but do you personally have prove or you just rely on what media says? This is why media is important.

            Media tells you what to do. Most people, probably including you, react not to an event which happened, but to what media said about this event. As you know every! single event can be interpreted many different ways. Thus what you protest, agree, disagree with is with how media portrays something and usually not with an actual events.

            A second point is media is a gate keeper of Information; not only information but also Information. Now you are starting to see that where this is going: Information is Positive/Negative Energy. Interpretation is what makes Information come as Positive or Negative.

            On a small scale you might have got a raise and your girlfriend said yes to your proposal, however if there is a national disaster happening this day, your effect on global level will be negligible. So everything that was said in phase 1 almost does not matter. Media in 1 minute can sway Positive/Negative balance so much that it can change people lives, not just their state at that moment. So, yes a nation consists of individuals, but in a Positive/Negative field a view from outside is what matters and what makes much larger difference.

            It is well known that scientists like hard numbers, so here you go: percentage of negative news in United States is on a level higher then percentage of negative news in Canada. And crime level in United States is on a level higher then crime level in Canada. Since crime is negative news, you get to “what came first chicken or the egg?” argument because news reports crime and negativity in the news make people commit crime. However, you see that Positive/Negative Energy is a key element here which closes this circuit. And you also see who can break this circuit?

News casters, who on one hand get what is happening in the world, and on the other hand report it to the public have control on a circle.

One thing they do is filter what is “news” and what is not. There is a huge amount of events happening every day which affect large audiences; a lot of them are Positive and a lot of them are Negative. Every day! However in United States almost all crime is considered news, disasters considered news, layoffs, protests, and so on are considered news. However, things which may be more interesting, like achievements in science and industry, local and global events, government/company agreements and friendship signings, opening of new buildings, and so on usually get little or no coverage.

Hearing about first/negative list, which you usually see on the news, serves as a message: “don’t do this or you’ll be like him, don’t walk there, don’t stand there.”  Hearing about second/positive list in the news should serve as a catalyst for new ideas and achievements. Seeing something someone achieved may inspire you and/or give you an example. Knowing about events, new openings can enrich your life. There is a clear benefit to getting Positive news.

It does not mean, though, that you have to live in a Wonderland, like most Soviet Union news where, but having someone tracking Positive/Negative level field in news station appears to be as a must.

One last, but huge point: media is how all of the above and bellow should be known to the world. Media, and not even this book, is what should get information to large audience. For example, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was written long long long time before it got to be known by the public when media got a hold of it. Unless a theory is popularized by media, it has very limited effect. Circle Theory is even more subject to this because it relies on large number of people knowing about it. So, media is what should be a start signal to changing our world as we know it.

            Stage 2: Government.

            As much as you can think that government does not have affect on our everyday lives, it does. It does not do it often, but when it does our Positive/Negative amount can swing so much that it becomes completely unstable. Government can declare war. Moreover, you, as individual, most likely do not even have a clue about who exactly the other side is and what is the true cause. Media (see above) explains it to you. So, in fact, people do not declare wars, governments do. You can image how huge of a swing of Positive/Negative Energy declaring war is. And by Positive/Negative Energy rules war is never an optimal solution!

This is just one example of government decisions. Key to those decisions is scale times impact. Thus it completely overshadows individual contributions to the Positive/Negative Energy field. Everything mentioned above still matters, and all those levels still work, however they are all subject to big government decisions.

Those government decisions do not only have a huge impact on Positive/Negative state. They have an impact on future states. Analogy will be Russia acquiring 1/6 of the world territory long time ago. However, all those who it acquired have an impact felt till this day. Same is with Positive/Negative field. If you swing it hard into one side, it will have impact on future states.

Government usually is trying to be populist. And populism on government scale is somewhat related to Positive Energy. However, you also know that being 100% populous is not good. Populous decisions are for the short term benefit/satisfaction of people; however they may not be for a long term. Thus is not to a good idea to make government a slave of Positive/Negative Energy it has to obey word by word. However, it might be a good idea to a) be it a part of all decision making b) have a dedicated person or a department to oversee Positive/Negative field in a country.

a) It needs to be part of all decision making, not just because of Energy and impact each decision generates, but because of consequence of that impact. As it was pointed out, all revolutions, wars and related actions had Negative Energy going over the limit as a necessary prerequisite. And because of Circle of Energy, their decisions impact other fields significantly. This is by far not a new concept, however having it as a necessary check in a checklist in all, and absolutely all, decisions is a must for a government which cares about its sane functionality and people it impacts.    

            b) There must be someone regulating global level. Coming close to the Breaking Point is an immediate signal of troubles for the government and the nation. That is true even if government does not understand the source. At that point of time actions needs to be taken. Moreover, again, government is elected officials. If it gets above certain level, they simply loose their elected seats. Having Positive/Negative Energy field being overseen is in their immediate interests. Same, which was said about local organizations monitoring and adjusting local level, is even more true about government. Nation’s Positive/Negative Energy level is what no nation cannot afford to fluctuate. Mistakes in that field are thousands or even millions of lives.

            Ethical issues are raised with government policing Positive/Negative Energy and government controlling Positive/Negative Energy. It is probably a key objection to the whole Circle Theory. Government right now controls other forms of energy and most people actually disagree with how it is handling it. Also some people disagree with enforcement of subjective rules and guidelines. And yet another objection is that if government learns how to manipulate Positive/Negative Energy well, it does not mean it will not use for its own benefit and that it won’t be corrupted.

            All of those are valid concerns. However, if we take a look at analogous government regulations: more then 90% of people support a fact that there is a need for law enforcement, more then 90% of people support a fact that there is a need for government control of critical resources. Key here is that people support a need for having that structure, but they just disagree with how it is implemented.

            Another ethical question is will the government control of Positive/Negative Energy create more problems then it solves. After all Positive/Negative Energy is a pretty dangerous and powerful concept. Because it is implemented from scratch, lets hope that history lessons taught us something, and we can do it right. And another reason is: doing negative things with Positive/Negative Energy is bound to come back to originator by rules of Circle Theory itself.

            Stage 3: International.

            Energy cannot be created nor destroyed in a closed system. A nation is not a closed system. Moreover it is a very dependent system. There are many inputs into one nations system.

            News are constantly coming into a nation from outside and affect Positive/Negative Energy people receive every single day. Also, economic market is highly dependent on what is happening outside. For example when there was a financial crisis in Greece, it highly affected USA. Half of the people who live in USA cannot point Greece on the map. 30% of electronics and 30% of automobiles come from outside USA, just imagine shortage of computers or cars.

And again, of course, the major factor is international relationships. There were countries with large Positive Energy numbers, who had high quality of life and good citizen satisfaction. And then Napoleon’s army came and destroyed them. Does not matter how they would monitor Positive/Negative Energy inside. They did not even provoke anything.

            More moderate and more modern example is the following: lets say your country has a good Positive Energy level, however United States disagrees with you and puts an economic sanction. Does not matter what you do, your Positive level will swing sharply.

            So just looking into your own sandbox is not enough.

            It is not a coincidence that there exists an international organization to monitor global energy. Since world today is highly dependent on Earth’s common resources, no country is an island onto itself anymore. So there is an obvious need for an International Positive/Negative Energy Monitoring Organization (don’t even try to abbreviate it ;)).

            This organization should have same responsibility as similar government organization and similar community organization only on an international scale.

            All countries need to sign an agreement over Positive/Negative Energy in order to ensure fair states of each country. It needs to specify in which situations and to what degree other countries are allowed to affect another country’s Positive/Negative Energy before an International Monitoring Organization steps in. And it needs to give this organization rights to act on stabilizing Positive/Negative Energy.

            This may remind you of ethically problematic situation where other countries “step in” with military power into another countries business today. However, by definition of healthy state of Positive/Negative Energy, doing a lot of harm to another will never result in positive outcome.

            Only international scale is able to achieve a very tangible “better world”. Only on international scale you are able to pacify or even eliminate many troubles that plagued the Earth for a long time. Only on international scale you are able to change everyday way of life.

            We, as humanity, should progress toward “better”. And by definition of better it is related to Positive Energy. So in fact, goal of humanity can be translated into increasing Positive Energy. One of the reasons we need to progress, and it is not just enough to stabilize at what we have, is entropy. Any system not progressing is bound to degrade.

            Changing humanity towards more of Positive, transforms not only psychological and social world, but also a physical world. It changes interaction between human and nature, it changed architecture, it changes how humans look.

            And probably the most important, it is a strong step towards reducing/eliminating  death completely and creating life.



We don’t know!

            Physics started from philosophy, and still there is no clear separation. Metaphysics asks questions if something exists or what is it? For example does Energy exist? Does mass exist? Does body exist?

            What is a key to this book is the answer to those questions is “we don’t know!” This is a perfectly valid position. And from it we can draw a lot of theories and conclusions.

            For example: we said that what determines weather Energy is Positive or Negative is brain. But how brain works: “we don’t know!” Absolutism vs. Relativism argue weather there exist a common truth, one for everybody (dog is a dog, and just because someone does not think it’s a dog, dog does not stop being a dog), or its relative (one sees this book as being true and another as being false and both are valid and relative to each other). However for purposes of this theory all we need to know about whether common truth exists or not is that “we don’t know!”

            However, in order to prove a theory or just to have a theory we have to know, or rather assume something. We should assume that something can be proven, that such thing as a theory exists and that you are reading this sentence. Even a fact that you are reading this sentence can be argued.

            As you notice, this chapter talks about philosophy. And we pointed out that this book is not a philosophy book, however weather it is or it is not “we don’t know!”




            “Watchbird–  is a story by Robert Sheckley about bird-machines which can detect a human who is about to commit a crime and prevent it. The way they detect it is based on brain wave which criminals develop just before committing a crime.



Conclusion (What is the most important thing I can do?)

Spread the word. Tell others about it. Simply being aware of that energy and how it works can dramatically change world around you and beyond that. If you will even once feel this theory working on you, tell others about it. If you are able to turn negative into positive with the help of this theory, tell others about it. If you are able to help other people using this theory, tell others about it.

May be you will tell this theory to someone and they will stop being your enemy. May be you will tell this theory to someone and they will stop being miserable and will become more happy. May be you will tell this theory to that person and that person will fall in love with you.

I do not ask you to go and teach this theory or become a fanatic. Moreover I ask you to question it! Question every word you have read. May be you will not agree with it at all, or may be you will not agree with some and come up with a variant of this theory. Or may be you will contribute to this theory more then I did.

And when you will tell others that positive and negative energy exist, can be measured, and can be controlled, they will probably ask you questions Why Do I Care? Does this Energy Exists? What Can I do? Who is the Source of My Problems? …and what is the Conclusion (What is the most important thing I can do?).